ASTR 111  (3)  Introductory Astronomy I: The Solar System

An introduction to fundamental principles in astronomy. Topics include geocentric vs. heliocentric astronomy, the celestial sphere, navigating the night sky, tides and eclipses, and a detailed examination of the planets and other solar system objects. Includes a bi-weekly lab and observing sessions, weather permitting. (3:0:1)

Prerequisite: Principles of Physics 12, or min. "C+" in either Principles of Physics 11 or Applications of Physics 12; min. "C+" in one of Principles of Mathematics 12, Pre-calculus 12, or MATH 152.

ASTR 112  (3)  Introductory Astronomy II: Stars and Galaxies

A continuation of ASTR 111. Topics include light/telescopes, properties of the Sun, general properties of stars (stellar birth, evolution, death), black holes/relativity, the interstellar medium, the Milky Way and other galaxies, extraterrestrial life, and theories of the origin and evolution of the universe. Bi-weekly lab/observing sessions, weather permitting. (3:0:1)

Prerequisite: ASTR 111.

ASTR 311  (3)  Exploring the Universe

A detailed examination of the evidence for and current thinking on the birth, evolution, and eventual fate of the Universe. Topics include the Big Bang model, relativity, peculiar but useful objects such as quasars and supernovae, and the search for extra solar planets and life beyond Earth. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Third-year standing or permision of instructor.

ASTR 312  (3)  History of Astronomy and Cosmology

An examination of the development of astronomical/cosmological ideas within a historical framework. Basic astronomical concepts will be introduced as required. Topics will span recorded human history, from early man's view of the sky through to current understanding of the cosmos. No formal background in astronomy assumed. Credit will only be granted for one of ASTR 211 or ASTR 312. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Third-year standing or permission of instructor.