Campus Wildlife

Vancouver Island University is located in the south central region of Nanaimo with Mount Benson as the backdrop. When standing on the campus and looking out over the Salish Sea, the coastal mountains can be seen all the way up the sunshine coast with the silhouette of Mount Baker looming to the South East. The campus offers wonderful vistas that are great for students to observe when they need a study break, but what is quickly noticed is the amount of wildlife that uses the campus.

The most abundant source of wildlife are the Eastern cottontail and European rabbits that dot the campus. The many bushes, brambles, and forested parts of the campus offers these animals shelter and an abundant amount of food. Besides the rabbits, the campus offers refuge for many species of animals like the coastal black-tailed deer that bed down at night in the back forest, the cougars that use the campus as an area to travel through, and over 40 species of birds that occupy the tree tops and brush cover throughout the year.

This website has been created to showcase and build an appreciation for the local wildlife that visits us at the campus. Students are also able to use this portal as a source of information for projects and assignments, as this site includes biological information about each species-on-campus and the referenceable links/material for additional information. The inspired by nature part of the website is to bring the VIU community closer together as groups and individuals can share their photography, digital media, or artistic talents and creations with the rest of campus.