For students intending to transfer to the University of Victoria, the Engineering Transfer Diploma program may be for you!  This program allows students to complete up to 20 courses over two years of study, each of which is  transferrable into a University of Victoria Engineering program. 

When you complete the Engineering Transfer Diploma, you will have assured entry into second-year engineering at the UVic, with some second year credit.  This credit further reduces you course load when you start at UVic, and likely will improve your opportunity for success in whatever engineering discipline you choose.


Applications are anticipated to be open for the Engineering Transfer Diploma starting Fall-2019 for the 2020/21 academic year.  Currently, all students, provided they meet individual course prerequisites may take any course within the Diploma curriculum and, if they fulfill all the Diploma requirements, may apply for that credential starting Spring-2020.  

Diploma Curriculum.  All first and second year courses shown are to be scheduled in the appropriate term in in the 2019/20 academic year.  

First Year / Fall Term

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
CSCI 160 Computing Science I 5 (4)
ENGR 112 Engineering Design I 3 (3)
MATH 121(1) Calculus I 4 (3)
PHYS 121 Physics for the Physical Sciences I 7 (4)
ENGL 115 University Writing and Research 3 (3)
  Total Hours (Credits) 22 (17)

First Year / Spring Term

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
ENGL 204 Business and Technical Writing 3 (3)
ENGR 121 Engineering Design II 3 (3)
MATH 122(1) Calculus II 4 (3)
MATH 141(2) Linear Algebra for Engineers 4 (3)
PHYS 122 Physics for the Physical Sciences II 7 (4)
  Total Hours (Credits) 21 (16)

Second Year / Fall Term

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
CHEM 150(3) Engineering Chemistry 7 (4)
MATH 221(4) Calculus III 4 (3)
MATH 254(4) Statistics I 3 (3)
Complementary Studies Electives(5,6) 6 (6)
  Total Hours (Credits) 20 (16)

Second Year / Spring Term

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
 CSCI 161(2,7) Computer Science II 5 (4)
ENGE 250 or
PHYS 216(8)
Linear Circuits I or
Introductory Electricity and Magnetism
5 (3)
ENGM 141 Engineering Mechanics 4 (3)
MATH 222(4) Calculus IV 4 (3)
Science Elective(9) 3 (3)
  Total Hours (Credits) 21 (16)
  1. students may take MATH 100/101 instead of MATH 121/122
  2. students intending to transfer to Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria should take CSCI 161 in place of MATH 141.  For these students, MATH 141 will be taken in Term 2B in place of CSCI 161. 
  3. students may take CHEM 140/142A or CHEM 140/142 instead of CHEM 150
  4. students intending to transfer to UVic for Software Engineering will not take MATH 221, 222 or MATH 254. Please see the Engineering advisor for course options.
  5. Students may replace one complementary studies elective with a science elective.
  6. All students attending the University of Victoria are required to take a complementary studies course before they graduate from that school. You may choose to take this elective during your time at VIU, but it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that the course is transferrable (BC Transfer Guide) to UVic and acceptable for complementary studies credit. A list approved complementary studies electives at UVic that are offered at VIU is shown here.
  7. students intending to transfer to UVic for Civil Engineering should take a second complementary studies course instead of CSCI 161
  8. Only one of ENGE 250 or PHYS 216 will be offered in any given year.  
  9. Specific disciplines at the University of Victoria may require additional science courses towards their degrees.  Two science courses are required as part of the Fundamentals of Engineering Diploma.  Please see the Engineering Advisor for an updated list of science offerings applicable to your chosen discipline.

After your two years at VIU...

All students may apply for the Engineering Transfer Diploma in their last term of studies. If they meet the credentials of the program, they will be granted the certificate.

Students within the Engineering Transfer Diploma are expected to transfer to UVic to complete their engineering studies. Courses may also transfer to alternative institutions, but students must apply formally for admission to the receiving institution.


Updated as of 20-Jun-2019

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