VIU Engineering Diploma and Certificate Program

Engineering Transfer Certificate Program Outline

The Engineering programs at UBC and UVic (and most other engineering schools in Canada) are designed so that students take a common first year core of courses and then chose the specific engineering discipline when they go into second year.  The Engineering Transfer Certificate program (ETCP) at VIU is designed to allow students to complete all twelve (12) courses that fulfill the first year requirements at both UBC and UVic.  SFU-B has a common two year program, but the ETCP allows students to bridge into the second year of that curriculum.  

In addition to VIU's General admission requirements, the following admission requirements apply to the Engineering Transfer Certificate program:

  • Min “C+” in Physics 12
  • Min. “C+” in Chemistry 12
  • Min. “B” in Pre-Calculus 12
  • Min. “C+” in English 12*

*Students planning to transfer to UBC in 2nd year must achieve a minimum of a 'B' in English 12 or take a second 1st year English class in their first year of studies.

Students who fulfill, on an interim or final GPA basis, the minimum indicated entry requirements will be considered for entry into the program. Official transcripts must be submitted by March 31, showing proof of enrolment in all pre-requisite courses, along with interim and/or final grades. Seats will be allocated based on a CGPA of Physics 12, Chemistry 12, Pre-Calculus 12, and English 12.  Final transcripts must be submitted by 31-Jul; otherwise, conditional offers of admission may be withdrawn.

Students are not required to choose between UBC, UVic, TRU, or SFU-B until the beginning of the second term, and there is some flexibility to deal with issues that sometimes arise.

Reserved Seats

The ETCP reserves a maximum of 34 seats in all required courses to guarantee applicants the opportunity to complete the first year curriculum in one year.  Students who are accepted into the program will be assigned a conflict-free time-table consisting of all ETCP curriculum courses.  You will generally not be allowed to make changes to your assigned timetable until late August or early September.  It is strongly advised that if you do wish to make course changes, that you contact the Engineering Advisor.  Students who remove themselves from classes are not guaranteed that they will be readmitted.   If you decide to stay in the program beyond one year, you will be required to self-register for courses as a time-table will no longer be assigned to you.  Note that seats beyond your first year of studies are no longer reserved or guaranteed; they are provided as-available based on registration priority.

All students admitted into the Engineering Transfer certificate program under its unique program code are expected to maintain good standing in all classes.  Students who do not fulfill this requirement may be removed from the program.

All students who complete the entire ETCP curriculum in one year with a minimum required GPA are qualified for admission into 2nd year engineering at:

  • UBC with a minimum GPA (currently 2.8 for UBC-Okanagan and 3.1 for UBC-Vancouver, as of 31.Dec.2018).  For UBC (Okanagan), incoming students will be required to take APSC 171 at its first available offering in order to validate their transfer.
  • UVic with a GPA of 2.33 ('C+') and a minimum of a 'C' in each curriculum course.  Note:  Receiving less than a 'C' in any curriculum course, disqualifies you for entry into UVic Engineering under the VIU-UVic Engineering Transfer agreement.   If you are on-track to receive less than a 'C' in any course, you are advised to withdrawal from that course before the drop date (typically half-way through the term).
  • SFU-B with a GPA of 2.75+ (as of 31.Dec.2018).  Students are required to enrol in SFU ENSC 120 at its first available offering upon their arrival at SFU, and SFU ENSC 180 by their 3rd year of students at SFU to validate their transfer.
  • TRU with a GPA of 2.33 ('C+') and a minimum of a 'C' in each curriculum course.  Note:  Receiving less than a 'C' in any curriculum course, disqualifies you for entry into TRU Software Engineering under the VIU-TRU Engineering Transfer agreement.   If you are on-track to receive less than a 'C' in any course, you are advised to withdrawal from that course before the drop date (typically half-way through the term).

Upon transfer, students are placed into a common pool with all students (regardless of first-year institution) for competitive entry into their 2nd year Program choice. Average GPA for entry into a specific program at each receiving institution changes each year depending on the number of students applying and the number of seats available.

Fall Term

UBC / UVic / SFU-B / TRU Common Core

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
CSCI 160Computing Science I
5 (4)
ENGR 112Engineering Design I
3 (3)
MATH 100(2)Calculus for Engineering and Physical Sciences I
4 (3)
PHYS 121Physics for the Physical Sciences I
7 (4)
ENGL 115University Writing and Research
3 (3)
 Total Hours (Credits)
22 (17)

All students, excluding those transferring to Software Engineering at UVic, must also enrol in:

UBC / UVic (excluding Software Engineering) / SFU-B / TRU

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
CHEM 150(1)Engineering Chemistry
7 (4)

Spring Term

UBC / UVic / SFU-B / TRU Common Core

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
ENGL 204(3)Business and Technical Writing
3 (3)
ENGR 121Engineering Design II
3 (3)
MATH 101(2)Calculus for Engineering and Physical Sciences II
4 (3)
MATH 141Matrix Algebra for Engineers
4 (3)
PHYS 122Physics for the Physical Sciences II
7 (4)
 Total Hours (Credits)
21 (16)

Students must also take the following courses, as determined by their transferring institution and preferred discipline:

UBC / UVic / TRU

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
ENGM 141Engineering Mechanics
4 (3)

UVic (Software Engineering)

CodeCourse TitleHours (Credits)
CSCI 161Computing Science II
5 (4)

  1. students may take CHEM 140/142A or CHEM 140/142 instead of CHEM 150
  2. students may take MATH 121/122 instead of MATH 100/101
  3. ENGL 204 qualifies as a complementary studies elective for those students transferring to UBC-V.  Students may replace this course with another complementary studies elective, but are required to confirm with UBC-V that the replacement course fulfils its requirements.  International students transferring to UBC-V should take ENGL 125 instead of ENGL 204 to fulfil the LPI and UBC's English language requirements. If you believe that you already fulfill these requirements, please see the Engineering advisor. Domestic students who achieved a final mark of less than "B" in English 12 must also take ENGL 125 in their first year.
  4. ENGM 141 may be delayed until transfer to UVic.

Program Completion

All students may apply for the Engineering Transfer Certificate in their last term of studies. If they meet the credentials of the program, they will be granted the certificate.

Students within the Engineering Transfer Certificate are expected to transfer to UBC, UVic, TRU, or SFU-B to complete their engineering studies. Courses may also transfer to alternative institutions, but students must apply formally for admission to the receiving institution. Some students chose to take two years to complete the twelve (12) courses of the ETCP plus additional courses before they transfer, although these students do not qualify for the reserved seats held within the ETCP. Please see here for information on doing the program over two years as part of the Engineering Transfer Diploma.


Updated as of 19-Jun/2019

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