VIU Engineering Diploma and Certificate Program

Why Choose VIU for your Engineering Studies?

The choices available to you after coming out of high school can seem daunting. Yet the opportunities are very exciting. At Vancouver Island University, we have set-up the Fundamentals of Engineering Certificate program with you (the student) as our focus. We believe we can offer you a much richer education experience than may be possible at larger institutions.

Key benefits include:

  • Our Lower Class sizes: Lower class sizes allow students easier access to lab facilities and have been shown to benefit the learning environment

  • Our Professional Faculty: All engineering faculty have extensive research and teaching experience. What is more, their primary job is teaching and so are available most hours of the day to answer questions and offer advice.

  • Our Dedicated Lab Facilities and equipment: Students are given card access to the engineering lab (7am to 10pm) and are allowed to use the machine shop (after appropriate training).

  • Research project opportunities: Contrary to most larger institutions, first year students can participate in faculty research projects

  • Our Seminar Series: Offered as a component of the ENGR 112/121 curriculum, students are invited to participate in several speaking seminars of interest to the profession. Topics in the past have included: speakers from industry, tours of local engineering facilities/projects, international opportunities, communication skills, critical thinking, introduction to nanoscience/nanotechnology tc..

  • Scholarship Opportunities: Several scholarships are available solely to students enrolled in the Engineering Program.

Sounds interesting? Contact the Engineering Advisor or just Apply Online.