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Before Semester

Semester Start-up

  • Registration Services – has such things as:
    • No Show Policy
    • Class Lists
    • Wait Lists and how they work
    • Grades and Appeals
    • Prerequisites and Prior Learning Assessment

During Semester

Semester Wrap-up

After Semester

Chair Responsibilities

Degree and Curriculum Development

Further information is available on VIU's University Planning and Analysis Website. Templates are on the Web site for the Curriculum Committee.

To access the Guidelines for New Course and Course Change Proposals.

To access the Course Management System (CMS), (login required).

Directed Studies

You must get your Dean's approval to have a Directed Studies section created and to be paid for your work; click here for the current form. Instructions on how to complete the form. A Curriculum Plan must be attached to all registration forms and must include your plan for evaluating the student's work.

All signatures must be provided and then submitted to the Dean's Assistant for the Dean's signature.

Once the Dean has signed the form, the Dean's Assistant will contact Records and will request that the section be opened with the appropriate number of seats (to a maximum of 5 seats). When Records confirms the section is opened, the student(s) will receive an email with instructions. The instructor will be copied on this email.

Instructors are paid, based on confirmed registrations, on the paydays subsequent to the fifth and tenth weeks of the course.

Prior Learning Assessment

PLA Student Registration form. Bring or send the form to the Dean's Assistant, who will seek approval for you and get the section opened. Once this is done, the student will be notified to pick up the form and go register. You will be paid after the student has registered.

Grades can be submitted electronically via on-line grade submission, by email to Records, or by completing the grade entry form.

More information:

Your Teaching Schedule

You can print your schedule by using the Gradebook/Course Outlines feature (login required). Click "Instructor Timetable," select the semester (or override this by entering a date), and click "view."

Human Resources

If you have Human Resources issues, please contact Ardith Conlin. She can also be reached at Local 6607.


If you have Payroll issues or questions, please contact the Payroll Department or call Local 6238.

Research at VIU

Information on research and how to apply for funding, as well as how to initiate and manage a research account. Contact Shelley Lumsden for more information. She can also be reached at Local 6196.

Telephone Directory System

Access the VIU Telephone Directory System (TDS). You can change some of the information shown in your TDS profile by overriding the default fields (login required): go to the TDS web page, click "MyTDSInfo" and enter the information in the fields highlighted in red. (Office hours is one of the fields you might want to use.)

Note: There will be a one-hour delay before the updated information shows in TDS.

Student Proximity Card Access

Students can purchase a proximity card at the VIU Campus Store. Work Study Students and employees do not need to buy a proximity card — their employee ID card will be used for key-card access (see Faculty/Admin Assistant to get your employee and Work Study Student cards programmed).

For proximity card programming, email or provide the Faculty/Admin Assistant with a list of the students’ names, access card numbers (shown at the back of the card), access hours, start/end dates, and the building(s) and room(s) that need to be accessed. Students will be given access during designated hours only.

Note: The list cannot be shared with anyone, as it is confidential.

If a student withdraws from the class, you must contact the Faculty/Admin Assistant as soon as possible to cancel access.

To maintain comprehensive security, student access is deleted at the end of each semester.

Sick Leave Reporting/Class Cancellations


You must email all support staff (Jaye Salisbury, Rae-Anne Savard, and Marta Devellano), with a copy to your department Chair. You can call in if you prefer, but you must connect with at least one support staff person (do not just leave a voicemail message). Support staff will add your name to sick leave, and upon your return, you will inform all support staff, so your name can be removed from the list.  Your email will include a list of all the courses and sections that must be cancelled.

  • Using the SRS Class List Management option to email all students, you or a support staff person will email the students to inform them of a class cancellation(s), including instructions, if applicable (reading assignments, etc.), with a copy to the department Chair. If a cancelled class is in the early morning, it's best to notify students yourself to provide them with as much advanced notice as possible.

  • Support staff will post a class cancellation notice(s) on classroom doors.


You must email all support staff, with a copy to your department Chair.  You can call in if you prefer, but you must connect with at least one support staff (do not just leave a voicemail message).  Your name will be added to sick leave, and upon your return, you will inform all support staff, so your name can be removed from the list.

NOTE:  When someone is ill for more than one day, support staff must be contacted every day until the employee returns to work.

Financial Items

See other Financial forms, or see the Financial Assistant for assistance. Please make your requests as early as possible—why wait? Accounting Department has a huge workload but will accommodate, whenever possible, our requests for quick pays and purchases “after the fact." Further information: Government rate for hotels, Travel guidelines, information, and per diem rates.

To set up a payment for an individual, you must start the payment process at the same time you enter into an agreement with the individual for the services he/she will provide. Provide the following details to the Financial Assistant, who will then ask you for any other information needed.

  • Payee name
  • Payee home address/home phone/fax/personal email address
  • Amount of payment
  • Reason for payment
  • Date of reason for payment
  • Hours worked for reason for payment
  • Cost centre
  • How the arrangement was made with the payee (email, verbal conversation, letter of agreement, service agreement, etc.)

There is no WCB coverage for individuals performing services on campus unless a PO has been issued before the date of the service.


To set up a purchase-order contract to pay a business (including individuals who operate as a business) for goods or services, you must start the payment process at the same time you receive the quoted price. Provide the following details to the Financial Assistant (email is best):

  • Suggested supplier
  • Supplier address/phone/fax/email
  • Supplier Revenue Canada Taxation number
  • Contact name
  • Cost centre
  • Quantity of item (if applicable)
  • Catalog number of item (if applicable)
  • Description of each item in detail or description of services to be provided
  • Estimated or quoted price for each item/service
  • Date by which goods are to be on campus or by which service is to be provided
  • Quotation from suggested supplier, if provided

You can also complete the on-line requisition form, which requires the same details listed above, and submit that to the Financial Assistant. The requisition must come first, then the PO (which is the contract for payment in exchange for goods or services), and finally the invoice. There is never a case where placing an order or contracting on behalf of VIU is appropriate; please refer to the following VIU policy. The only option is to use your authorized VIU Purchasing Card.

Emergency purchase orders are possible; contact the Financial Assistant for that, too.

Employees may make contacts with prospective vendors to secure technical information, but except with the approved use of an institutional purchasing card, shall not commit the University to an order, either directly or by inference. An employee who commits to a purchase outside University purchasing procedures may be held personally liable for the invoice, and the supplier will be advised the order was not official.

Professional Development Funds

Complete a claim form, attach your receipts, and submit to the Financial Assistant for the Dean's signature. Feel free to ask the Financial Assistant if you are in doubt of the appropriateness of a claim.

Track your claims and balance remaining via the Employee Portal.

For more information, see the VIUFA Collective Agreement.

Software and Furniture

Computer items are to be requested through IT; if a purchase is required, the IT rep will advise you to initiate a purchase (see "Purchasing" above). Ergonomic items are to be requested through Health and Safety. You should not purchase computer or furniture items yourself unless you are doing so by way of your PD allowance. The only option is to obtain the verbal approval of your department chair, to a maximum of $500, before you buy the item(s) yourself.


When you have problems with your office telephone, please call the IT Helpdesk at Local 6300 or email

To change any of your options; for example, your greeting, log in to your voicemailbox then press 8* to access the options menu.

Voice messaging instructions.

Faculty Access

After hours and on weekends, all exterior doors of VIU buildings can be accessed with your employee card, which also serves as your key-card. You can obtain your employee card at the Library (Bldg. 305). Someone at the Service Desk will be able to help you. Once you have your card, you must email the Faculty/Admin Assistant, and provide the number shown at the back of your card, so it can be programmed for access.

The Dean's Assistant will also order the keys you will need while at VIU. Once the keys are ready to pick up, you will be informed by email with instructions.

Shredding of confidential information

Anything that shows a student's name or number is confidential and must be shredded; for example, class lists, exam booklets, and student papers. See FIPPA for additional information. Please shred only the page(s) with the student's name and/or number, and recycle the rest. Please remove all clips and elastics. Note that exams must be kept for one full year before they can be shredded.

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