• We will be taking the Island Highway (Highway 19) North through Campbell River (number 1 on map).  This map begins at about 55km west of the Sayward exit. .  It is about 65 km from Campbell River to the Sayward exit.
  • At number 2 on the map is the left-hand turn onto Cain Mt. Skiing and Schoen Lake road here.  Also called Nimpkish Rd. (50.19839, -126.463133).
  • If you miss the left-hand turn off, you will go another 10 km to the town of Woss (turn off on the left).  If you see this turn off, you should turn around and go 10 km back down the highway.
  • The road to the campsite is a main logging road, so stay on the main road.  From the highway to the campsite is less than 10km.
  • You will cross the Davie River via a wooden bridge within 1 km of turning off the highway.  If you do not cross this bridge you have gone off course.  Note that Davie Rd. cuts off to the left before the bridge – DO NOT TAKE DAVIE RD.  There may be a “Klaklakama Lakes” sign at that intersection.
  • At point “4” you will stay right at the fork. Don’t be fooled by any (worn-out) signs pointing to Klaklakama Lake campsite on the left fork.  This points to the lower campsite on Lower Klaklakama Lake, WE ARE STAYING AT THE UPPER CAMPSITE ON LOWER KLAK LAKE
  • As you proceed you will be able to see the lake through the trees on your LEFT.
  • The upper campground is situated on the western side of the lake, near its northern end.   To get to it you will turn left (point 5) down a small dirt road that should be marked by a large “Vancouver Island University” sign.
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