Electrofishing: Theory, Safety and Uses


NRFS 001 Electrofishing: Theory, Safety and Uses (course overview description)
Wednesday, February 22, 2023 to Thursday, February 23, 2023
Nanaimo, BC
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Course Description

This two-day certification course is an overview of electrofishing theory, safety and practices. The program meets current provincial Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) requirements for electrofisher certification. 


Class: 1.0 day; Field: 0.5 day

Day one is a classroom-based session, while day two is a field-based practicum in which participants are provided with an opportunity to operate the backpack electrofisher and apply the skills and knowledge they have gained in the classroom.

Note: High course enrolment (e.g., >18) may warrant additional field practicum sessions.


First aid requirements for electrofishing crews vary by province and country. In BC, all persons involved in an electrofishing operation must have an appropriate first aid course with a CPR component that is current and valid per Workers Compensation Board requirements. While it is recommended to have first aid training prior to starting the course, first aid training may be attended following completion of the Electrofishing Certification course. Please contact your province's Workers Compensation Board for further information and to confirm requirements for your region.

You Supply

Students are responsible for supplying their own personal field equipment, as follows:


  • "leak-free" chest waders: neoprene or high-quality nylon is best
  • non-slip footwear: wading shoe, cleat or aggressive rubber boot sole
  • calculator, pen and paper


  • wading belt: nylon or rubber, worn on outside of waders
  • polarized sunglasses: side shields or 'wrap around' style is best
  • hat with a visor: baseball cap style is best

The items noted as 'recommended' are optional for this training program but are mandatory during actual field work/employment. Natural Resource Extension Program (NREP) staff will provide all other necessary field and classroom-related supplies and equipment, including; course manuals, electrofisher unit(s) and accessories, dipnets, linesman gloves, and associated field equipment.

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