Riparian Area Regulation (1 Day)

One-day course includes a 0.5 day classroom session, followed by a 0.5 day field practicum. The course introduces participants to the purpose and application of the RAR, components of a RAR assessment, QEP requirements, and the requirements (Measures) within a RAR assessment report.  Participants will learn to recognize important features in the field.

Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) – One-Day

 A general course outline includes a review of:


• RAR Purpose, Process and Components

• QEP requirements

• Measures within RAR assessments

• RAR Reports

• Accessing information

• Enforcement issues


• Field components of RAR (identifying features, reviewing field applications)


This training program will guide participants through the RAR process, RAR reporting, and identifying RAR enforcement issues.   

CLOSE X Natural Resources Extension Program