Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Museum of Natural History Located?

The Museum of Natural History at Vancouver Island University is located at the north side of Building 370 Environmental Sciences.

Where do we get our animals from?

All specimens for the Museum of Natural History are:

  1. Found dead and donated for bones, mounts or skins
  2. Problem animals donated by local conservation officers

What do we use the specimens for?

The specimens are mostly used for teaching purposes. Classes that use these include those on wildlife identification, comparative biology, and skeletal reconstruction. Specimens are also used for public displays, community outreach programs and recruiting displays that would assist in demonstrating the specimen's use in a specific program.

Who uses the museum?

The museum meets the needs of a variety of users. Many students & faculty in the RMOT, Biology and Education programs use the museum on a regular basis.

International education and The High School at Vancouver Island University use the museum as an ESL tool throughout their sessions.

Research scientists inquire if we have specific specimens that would assist in his/her research.

If I would like to visit the museum, what are the hours it is open?

Over the summer months, the museum is open by appointment only. Please contact Kim Ives or Martin Angelstad to arrange a time for viewing.

There are generally scheduled open hours during the fall and spring semester --please check the main homepage for those hours posted..

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