Electrofishing: Recertifcation


Seats available for NREP electrofishing recertification are limited to a maximum of 4 seats per scheduled intake. Dependent on course location and instructor availability NREP may add another day to the field component of the course.

If you are a Company looking to recertify a group of in-house staff please contact NREP directly for options on the training at nrep@viu.ca or 250-740-6492


To complete this one-day course, participants will attend a regularly scheduled two-day Electrofishing Certification program and complete the Day Two field component (only), and complete a short exam.   Attendance is mandatory for this one day field practicum session. 

This course offers three levels of recertification: 'Crew Supervisor', 'Crew Supervisor-in-Training' and 'Crew Member'.  Each level of certification is determined by a participant's level of competency shown during the field practicum session. The program meets current provincial Worksafe BC requirements for electrofisher certification. 

Class vs Field:

Field: 1 day


Students will attend the Day Two portion of a regularly scheduled two-day Electrofishing certification program. Day Two is a field-based practicum in which participants are provided with an opportunity to operate the backpack electrofisher and apply skills and knowledge gained during the classroom time.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this One-day course, the participant will be able to:

  • Define electrofishing certification, standards and the practice of electrofishing
  • Contrast and define the levels and responsibilities of Electrofishing Certification
  • Identify mandatory and applicable Electrofishing standards and regulations
  • Manage resistance, voltage and power in an electrofishing system
  • Define and contrast electrical pulse types and electrical fields in water
  • Contrast the types of electrofishing units, and their components, features
  • Identify mandatory and optional personal protective gear
  • Identify backpack electrofisher safety features
  • Maintain and troubleshoot backpack electrofishers and associated field gear
  • Interpret site conditions and adjust electrofishing settings to maximize catch
  • Calculate appropriate electrofisher settings
  • Identify best strategies to maximize catch efficiency while minimizing impacts
  • Manage electrofisher power appropriately and effectively
  • Identify key electrofishing safety procedures
  • Respond effectively to an electrofishing-related field incident
  • Conduct standard emergency response procedures
  • Define crew size and structure
  • Identify key factors influencing electrofishing in the field
  • Identify and determine crew roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct equipment checkout procedure(s) prior to beginning a field session  
  • Identify key fish habitats and best strategies to capture fish as a team
  • Respond appropriately to potentially dangerous scenarios
  • Communicate effectively with field crews and the general public
  • Identify types of electrofishing field programs
  • Identify and minimize fish impacts
  • Practice safe and efficient fish sampling and handling

Course Prerequisites:

NRFS 001 Electrofishing Theory & Uses
Approved Standard Level 1 (containing CPR Component)

* To be eligible, prospective registrants for NREPs 'Electrofishing Recertification' course:

a) Have previously attended an NREP 'Electrofishing Certification or Recertification' course

You Supply

Personal field equipment

  • "leak-free" chest waders (recommended type is neoprene or high-quality nylon);
  • non-slip footwear (felt wading shoe or boot, as well as stream wading cleat);
  • wading belt (nylon or rubber acceptable, worn on outside of waders);
  • polarized sunglasses (side shields or ‘wrap around’ style is/are recommended)
  • hat with a visor (e.g., baseball cap style).

For this training program, at a minimum, you are only required to bring leak-free chest waders and non-slip footwear (wading shoe, cleat, or aggressive rubber boot sole), pen and paper, and a calculator. (Note: ideally, you bring ALL items listed above).

All other personal protective equipment (PPE) (listed above) is optional for this training program BUT is mandatory during actual field work/employment.

NREP staff will provide all field and classroom-related supplies and equipment, including; electrofisher unit(s) and accessories, dipnets, linesman gloves, and associated field equipment.


Registration information


Course fees are refundable if you withdraw a minimum of 10 days prior to the start date of the course. Note that special refund deadlines are stated for some courses, and we are unable to issue refunds after those deadlines - information will appear in the intake's details available on the NREP schedule page. Non-Refundable Fees: Some courses may have non-refundable tuition, application, and/or lab fees. Please note: A full refund is issued if a course is cancelled.