Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects

Course Description

A comprehensive applied overview of skills, abilities and procedures required for effective monitoring of environmentally related construction projects. This course will include numerous practical exercises and case study reviews where participants are exposed to and complete tasks and requirements for a wide variety of environmental construction projects.


This program will train participants to effectively design, manage, conduct and report for environmental monitoring programs for a wide variety of applications throughout Western Canada, such as stream crossing installations, pipeline development, land development, etc...

Upon completion, participants will develop skills and abilities to:

  • Identify and acquire appropriate regulatory approvals and permits
  • Protect and restore fish habitat
  • Salvage fish
  • Operate and maintain on-site equipment
  • Design and implement sediment and erosion control plans
  • Install temporary and permanent structures
  • Design and install instream construction structures
  • Design and implement site stabilization measures
  • Design and develop a project plan
  • Design and implement spill control and response plans and procedures
  • Design communication plans and protocols and reports
  • Identify and conduct key project management and safety procedures.

Class vs Field

Class: 3.0 days



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