Environmental Monitoring: Building a Plan for Shellfish Aquaculture

Course Description

This program focuses on developing the ability to recognize and record changes in the environment. Techniques are presented to document changes that occurred while intending to increase the productivity of the tenure - both planned and unplanned; changes confined within the tenure; and changes that affect the wider ecosystem.


The student will develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Understand ecological concepts
  • Understand various types of environmental monitoring and the uses of each type
  • Understand the techniques that are the foundation of many types of surveys
  • Apply the survey techniques, habitat identification and site mapping skills to a particular environment
  • Use field guides and identification keys
  • Conduct a survey to determine intertidal species diversity and abundance, and
  • Maintain accurate records to compare environmental changes over time
  • Obtaining salinity and temperature measurements, and
  • Recording of measurements and field observations

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