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The Bachelor of Science-Biology degree program takes advantage of the small size of our institution and emphasizes a "hands-on", integrative approach to learning. Smaller class sizes allow one-on-one interaction, fostering development of the student-mentor relationship.

While there is a traditional core program (including mathematics, chemistry and physics) which all students must take, students can also select courses to suit their interests. For example, strong faculty expertise in organismic biology, ecology, molecular / cellular biology and virology / microbiology enables students to emphasize one of these directions. Students can also select electives from other departments to satisfy their degree requirements. An exciting and distinctive aspect of the program is that fourth year students have the opportunity to conduct an undergraduate research project with a biology faculty member. This activity develops critical independent thinking skills, enhances the students' repertoire of laboratory and field techniques required for employment and graduate studies, and introduces students to the fun and challenges of research in the life sciences.

What Biology Students have to say about the program