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VIU has a comprehensive program of financial aid in the form of student loans, grants and awards. For a complete overview of all the financial assistance available to VIU students, visit VIU Financial Aid and Awards.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards are available for high academic achievement and/or community or institutional involvement. There is over $20,000 worth of scholarships and awards specifically for students in our program provided both by VIU and external companies and associations. Learn more about these Scholarship and Award opportunities.


Bursaries are available for students who are academically successful, demonstrate financial need and meet other specific requirements. There are bursaries available for all students at VIU as well as some specifically for Forestry students. Read more about the Bursaries available: VIU Bursaries.

Indigenous Funding

We understand that Indigenous students face a unique set of challenges when considering undergraduate programs. For this reason, the BC First Nations Forestry Council has started the Indigenous Forestry Scholarship Program (IFSP). This is a scholarship program for Indigenous students attending full-time studies in forestry programs. This provides both tuition scholarships and work opportunities.

This program has both proactive and retroactive funding opportunities available, so if you think you may be eligible for assistance, or may have been recently, take a look at their website here!

What does it cost?

Need an idea of the total cost to attend VIU? We have you covered

  • VIU has created a page outlining the average costs for attending VIU
  • Tuition is $159.94/credit
    • First year tuition (35 credits) = $5,597.90
    • Second year tuition (36 credits) = $5,757.84
    • VIU lab fees ($20/lab course) is in addition to tuition, approx. cost/yr = $240
  • In addition, the Forestry Department has created an estimate of costs pertaining specifically to our diploma program.

Equipment Deposit?

We no longer require an equipment deposit. However, students sign an equipment/book loan agreement and agree to pay for the cost of repair/replacement of equipment that has been lost or damaged.