Teaching Activities

Introductory Teaching Activities

  • STEM Starters for Kids Geology Activity Book
    Packed with Activities and Geology Facts by Jenny Jacoby and Vicky Barker

  • The Wonders Inside the Earth by Jan Stradling
    This book includes see-through cross sections of Earth's interior, and students can recreate layers after reading this book together. 

Advanced Teaching Activities

GIS Teaching Activities

  • Teaching with GIS: Introduction to Using GIS in the Classroom
    There is also a course available to educators to learn basic GIS and guide your process of selecting appropriate GIS labs and activities for you students. 

  • Teach with GIS
    An implementation guide for teachers and over 100 lessons to choose from to supplement your lesson plans. 

  • ESRI's GeoInquiries Earth Science
    These GIS inquiry based short lessons are available online for students to use in the classroom. There are a wide array of earth science lessons to choose from in two levels, including Topography, Mining, Rock Types, Mountain Building, Plate Tectonics and Plate Type Effect on Volcanoes to name a few.