Gregory Arkos - BSc (Hons) (Manitoba), PhD (UBC)

Greg ArkosGreg joined the department in 2003.  Prior to this he worked as a post-doctoral researcher with the Space Physics Group at the University of Calgary and as an instructor of mathematics, physics and astronomy at Mount Royal College.  His post-graduate work included research on suprathermal ion outflow and the near-Earth space environment.  Greg’s current interests include all things astronomical; recently, he has become particularly involved in the rapidly evolving field of Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA).  Greg is passionate about the promotion of scientific literacy through public outreach and has volunteered extensively with programs like Scientists and Innovators in Schools and Pint of Science.  He was a founding member of the weekly, award-winning, science-themed VIU radio program Not Rocket Science and continues to contribute occasional short radio segments on astronomy to local Vancouver Island radio stations.  

Greg teaches The Solar System (ASTR 111), Stars & Galaxies (ASTR 112), Exploring the Universe (ASTR 311) and History of Astronomy & Cosmology (ASTR 312).  On clear nights he can often be found on the roof of the Physics building showing astronomy students the wonders of the night sky. Greg may otherwise be reached at Gregory.Arkos@viu.ca.  


Brian Dick (Chair) - BASc (Hons) (SFU), PhD (University of Alberta), Member CEEA, ASEE  

Brian DickBrian Dick joined the department in 2006, and coordinates its Engineering Transfer programs, and the Integrated Engineering Technology Diploma.  He received a Bachelor of Applied Science from SFU in Engineering Physics, and a PhD from the University of Alberta in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  He holds an EGBC registered limited licence (Eng.L) and is a certified PMP.   Brian is passionate about removing barriers for accessing engineering education, and has led development and implementation of the Common First-Year Engineering Curriculum initiative in BC through the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) and BC Campus.  He has considerable interest in enriching program curriculum with intercultural experiences, and has participated in projects or programs within South Korea, Taiwan, Kenya, and Vietnam.  Most recently, his work in Vietnam enabled a collaborative design project between students at VIU and Tra Vinh University (TVU), and a field school experience for VIU first-year engineering students to visit and work directly with students at TVU. 

Brian is the elected representative for the Faculty of Science and Technology on the VIU Senate. He is an appointed instructional representative on the BC Council on Admission and Transfer (BCCAT) (the Council), and is past chair of the BCCAT Engineering Articulation committee. He is the recipient of the VIU Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching Design and Practice that focusses on Intercultural Learning, the VIU President's Award in Community Engagement (International Engagement), and the BCCAT Transfer and Articulation Community Award. 

Brian teaches Engineering Design I and II (ENGR 112/121) and can be reached at Brian.Dick@viu.ca.


Deborah Hearn - BSc (Hon) (University of Saskatchewan), MSc (UBC), PhD (University of Calgary)

Debbie HearnDebbie has been at VIU since 1999 and continues to find it inspiring to live and work in a place of such incredible beauty. VIU is special because the small classes make it easier to get to know students and share their excitement for learning.  She is originally from Saskatoon, and has a BSc (Hon) in physics from the University of Saskatchewan, a MSc in nuclear and particle physics from UBC, and a PhD in geophysics (seismology) from the University of Calgary.  Before coming to VIU, she was a faculty member in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the U of C, where her research was in space physics.  She worked on UV auroral imaging satellite projects, and in modelling the magnetic field of the Earth’s magnetosphere.  While at the U of C, she taught courses in first year physics, as well as upper level quantum mechanics, particle physics, and statistical mechanics.  At VIU, she teaches Physics for the Physical Sciences (PHYS 121/122) and Concepts of Relativity and Quantum Physics (SCIE 312).  Debbie’s main scholarly interests are in the interpretation and teaching of quantum mechanics, and in physics education research.  She is actively involved in the development of simulations for visualizing physics.  Debbie can be reached at Deborah.Hearn@viu.ca.


Xueling (Julie) Luo - BEng (Sichuan), MEng (Sichuan), PhD (York)

Xueling (Julie) Luo

Xueling joined the department in 2021. She is originally from China, and has a Bachelor of Engineering in automation and a Master of Engineering in control engineering from Sichuan University. She received her PhD from York University in Mechanical Engineering. Before coming to VIU, she worked as a Professor of Robotics and Automation at Centennial College.

Xueling teaches  ENGR 210 (Computer Aided Drafting  I), ENGE 250 (Linear Circuits I), ENGR 228 (Sustainable Principles, Tools, and Processes I ), ENGR 229 (Applied Electronics I) and can be reached at Xueling.Luo@viu.ca


Mehdi Mirzaee, BSc (Hon) (KN Toosi University of Technology), MSc (Tehran Polytechnic), PhD (IAU)

Mehdi Mirzaee

Mehdi joined the department in 2021. He received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from KN Toosi University of Technology (Tehran, Iran), a Master of Civil Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic, and his PhD in Water Resources and Hydrology from IAU (Tehran, Iran). He also attended Oregon State University (OR, USA) for his Post Doctorate.

Before coming to VIU, Mehdi was an assistant professor in the Civil Engineering department of IAU for more than 20 years. Furthermore, he has designed hydraulic structures and studied water resources and hydrology as a consulting engineer.

Mehdi teaches ENGM141 (Engineering Mechanics), ENGR211 (Applied Statistics and Modelling Tools for Technologists), ENGR213 (Applied Hydraulics), ENGR224 (Structural Design), ENGR227 (Civil Design I), and ENGR 247 (Civil Design II). He can be reached at Mehdi.Mirzaee@viu.ca 


Ken von Schilling - B.Eng (University of Victoria)

VIU Engineering Faculty, Ken von SchillingKen  joined VIU in 2020. He has a Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria, and a Mechanical Technologist Diploma from Camosun College.  He has spent the last decade working in the Pulp and Paper, Water treatment, and Oil and Gas industries as a consulting engineer.

Ken is very excited to help grow the Engineering Department at Vancouver Island University, and train up the next generation of Engineers and Technologists.  He can be reached at Ken.vonSchilling@viu.ca.




Dennis Frost - T3 (Natal Technikon)

Dennis FrostDennis joined VIU in 2015.  He is originally from South Africa, and moved from Portland, OR to Vancouver Island in 2010. In his spare time he loves sailing, camping, biking, diving, photography, and travel. Always passionate about building things, his home workshop includes a lathe, drill press, woodworking machines, welding equipment, and all sorts of electronics equipment. Dennis studied Electrical engineering, at Natal Technikon, now Durban University of Technology. He has worked in fields as varied as heavy industry, automotive, medical, industrial automation, software, test engineering, and IT. Prior to his move to Canada, Dennis was an International Supplier Quality Engineer at Xerox corporation.

Dennis particularly enjoys helping students with their projects, building new equipment for faculty, and designing and 3D printing cool new gadgets.  He may be reached at Dennis.Frost@viu.ca.


David Moss - BASc (UBC)

David MossDavid joined the university in 2020.  He received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from UBC and is registered as a P.Eng with EGBC.  Prior to joining VIU, he worked as a consulting engineer in Nanaimo and in Vancouver on projects ranging from high voltage substations to PLC control systems.  David loves learning new things and then applying that knowledge to design and build projects both professionally and personally.  He enjoys sharing this passion with students to encourage them to learn and apply engineering knowledge at the university and in their lives.  David’s pastimes include camping, reading, and sailing.  He may be reached at David.Moss@viu.ca.