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Richard deVos - Attended RMOT 2007-2009

"The R.M.O.T program helped me to develop certain skill sets that are Richard deVosappealing to employers.  At first, like many, I wanted to pursue a career with the BC Conservation Officer Service, however, I soon realized that the skills I was acquiring could be used in other areas as well."  

"I started working with BC Parks as a “Park Ranger” and although the job was fun, I was seeking a full time career not just a summer job.  The competencies I developed with BC Parks along with the training I received in RMOT allowed me to successfully compete in provincial government job competitions.  After graduating from the RMOT program I worked for: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resource Operations, and finally acquired a full-time position with Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure." 

"I credit my success in job competitions to the great in-class training offered through the RMOT program."

"I am currently a Peace Officer with the Commercial Safety and Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Transportation.  My job offers great flexibility and allows me to continue working on my degree in Natural Resource Protection. 

The RMOT program has helped me to lay a solid foundation upon which I can build my career in enforcement."

  “...The best part about the RMOT program is that you can play up either the science or enforcement end of the schooling, to help attain your preferred job...”

Richard de Vos, Commercial Transport Enforcement Officer
Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement  (CVSE)
BC Ministry ofTransportation and Infrastructure