Earth Science Faculty

Tim Stokes, Professor 

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Jerome Lesemann, Professor

Jerome joined the VIU Earth Science department in 2013 after working with the Geological Survey of Canada and other academic roles. He completed a BSc (Hons.) in geology at the University of Montreal and an MSc at the University of Alberta before completing his PhD at Simon Fraser University which focused on glacial landforms in the Okanagan Valley. Jerome is interested in reconstructions of ancient environments using a variety of techniques and approaches (landform-sediments relationships, geophysics, etc.) and their applications to understanding environmental change, mineral exploration, groundwater resources. Jerome has authored several peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of glacial sedimentology related to glacial dynamics, landforms, and meltwater processes. Jerome teaches GEOL 111GEOL 115GEOL 201GEOL 304GEOL 305GEOL 307GEOL 390GEOL 412, and has taught GEOL 470 in its Advanced Sedimentology iteration. 

Sandra Johnstone, Professor (on-leave)

Sandra joined the Earth Science department in 2006 after working as a mine-site geologist and as a field geologist in both industry and government. She achieved her BSc degree in Earth and Ocean Science at the University of Victoria (2000), and her Master of Science degree in Earth Science (specializing in Archean tectonics, geochronology, and structural geology) at the University of Waterloo (2002). Sandra teaches GEOL 112GEOL 115, GEOL 200GEOL 206GEOL 300GEOL 308, GEOL 390, and has taught GEOL 470.

Gerri McEwen, Technician

Gerri McEwen has a BSc (Hons.) in Earth Sciences from the University of Victoria (2014) and has partially completed her MSc mapping the Paleozoic basement to the Quesnel terrane in the Okanagan Similkameen region of BC (UVic, 2015).  Her research interests focus on the tectonic history of the Canadian Cordillera with a focus on Ocean Plate Sequences as a record of the closure of ocean basins. She has been the technician in the Geology department since 2018.    

Sessional Instructors

  • Casey Brant (Fall 2020/Spring 2021 teaching Geol 115, Geol 200, Geol 206, Geol 300, Geol 412)
  • Steven Earle
  • Carl Miller
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