Trout Culture (FISH 210)

An examination of salmonid production planning through the use of spreadsheet simulation models.  Students develop an Excell based production planning spread sheet to predict the growth, food consumption, and flow requirements to supply oxygen and flush metabolic wastes in a fish culture setting.  Predictions made by the model are then compared with actual performance of 2 year old domestic rainbow trout which students rear in a hands on setting for one semester in the tank farms at Vancouver Island University.

Trout Culture II (Aqua 212) CANCELLED and replaced with FISH 223 (Introduction to Fisheries Management

A research based course in which students examine the effect of different feeding regimes on the performance of 2 year old domestic rainbow trout.  Parameters examined include growth, food consumption as a percent of body weight per meal and day, food conversion efficiency, compensatory growth and hyperphagia.  The majority of the course is conducted in a laboratory setting with students rearing trout, examining the result of applying differing feeding patterns and their implications for the culture of salmonids.

CLOSE X Fisheries and Aquaculture