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International Opportunities

Students have a variety of opportunities to travel and study abroad. Links for some of the opportunites are provided below:

Engineering International Field School

Students have the opportunity to participate in an international field school focusing on engineering/technologist practice.  Most recently, this field school took part in Tra Vinh Province (Vietnam).

Forestry International Field School

In recent years student fund raising has financed trips to Finland, New Zealand, England/ Scotland, Belize, France, Mexico, Hungary/ Romania, Chile, SE USA.

Forestry Study Abroad

Second year Forestry students have the opportunity to study for one term at designated forestry schools abroad (previous schools have been in England, France, Finland, Italy and Hungary).

VIU Education Abroad

International Education facilitates a great variety of "study abroad" opportunities, including exchange programs, short term study abroad , Co-ops and practicums, and volunteer opportunities.

VIU Education Abroad Field School 

The five-week field school investigates the complex inter-relationships among soil, water, plants and animals in the tropical savannah and rainforest habitats.