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Other Resource Technology Programs offered at VIU

Fisheries and Aquaculture Diploma and Degree Programs

Fisheries and Aquaculture has long been an area of specialization at Vancouver Island University. Our programs provide unique practical field experience and academic skills required for exciting and challenging careers in fish and invertebrate culture, fish habitat & stock assessment, fisheries enhancement, conservation & management and research.

Forestry Diploma Program

The Forestry Diploma Program at Vancouver Island University makes extensive use of an outdoor classroom in the Malaspina Woodlot, located 10 minutes from campus. Outdoor lab classes occur year round and focus on ecosystem assessment, engineering, forest resource assessments (timber, recreation, visuals, wildlife, other non-timber products, etc.) and forest health.

The Forestry Diploma Program embraces technology as a great variety of instruments and products are utilized, such as GPS, GIS (computer mapping and 3D simulations), satellite imagery, digital air photos, as well as laser and hypsometer measuring devices.

Natural Resources Extension Program

The Natural Resources Extension Program at Vancouver Island University offers a wide variety of programming aimed at all levels of the Natural Resources sector including the Professional/Technical audience and Forest Workers, as well as courses of interest to the general public.