VIU Math Department


The Mathematics Department offers a wide variety of mathematics and statistics courses from the first to fourth year levels. Students can complete either a Major or Minor degree in Mathematics, with either BSc or BA options. The department also services programs across the campus, with courses specifically designed for students pursuing Science, Education and Social Science degrees. Many students, such as those in Computing Science programs, complete upper level Math courses as electives to enhance their degrees.

The Major in Mathematics is an excellent choice for students wishing to pursue higher level studies or for those seeking employment in industry or teaching. The Minor in Mathematics is often chosen by those wishing to enter the teaching profession or by those who want a combined degree such as Math-Chemistry, Math-Biology, Math-Computing Science or Math-English. Both Major and Minor degrees are also suitable for those students who are simply curious to learn about mathematics, without the worry of what they will do after graduation.

We believe that making the study of Mathematics enjoyable is an essential ingredient in the success of all our students. We are always glad to hear from students who are planning to apply to us and who wish to visit or request further information. Please contact Dr. Glen Pugh (Chair),, with any questions or to arrange an appointment.

Our students flourish in the highly interactive and personalized environment, characterized by our small, friendly department. We offer students:

  • small class sizes and encourage close contact between students and professors
  • innovative teaching methods
  • engaging faculty who are committed to excellence in both teaching and research
  • the potential to become involved in research projects
  • free tutorial assistance in the Math Learning Centre
  • the opportunity to be hired to staff the Mathematics Learning Centre and tutor other students

The Math Learning Centre is an open, friendly place, staffed by our upper level students. The students are chosen for both their mathematical competence and their ability to communicate mathematics clearly. If you are in the dark about any of your math courses, the Centre can help you see the light! Come to us with your math questions. Our tutors can provide help for all levels.

Neil and Annika student award

Neal and Annika receive the Joe McPeek Upper Level Math Scholarship

David Bigelow receives provost award for excellence in teaching that enhances deep learning

David Bigelow receives provost award for excellence in teaching that enhances deep learning

Lev Idels receives Provost's Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Award