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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is for general information only. For more detailed and precise information consult Mathematics Department faculty members.

Why would anyone want to Minor in Mathematics?

It's a great way to enhance your education, increase your set of skills, learn interesting mathematics, and see how it's used in your field. From a professional standpoint a Mathematics Minor can help your degree stand out to prospective employers. Anyone considering entering the teaching profession will find their employment prospects are proportional to the number of mathematics courses taken.

How tough is getting a Mathematics Minor?

It depends to some extent upon how difficult you find Mathematics and the courses you select. In general, however, you can expect to take some interesting upper level Mathematics courses. The number of course hours required can be easily fit into the elective structure of many degree programs.

How do I know when courses are going to be offered?

Visit our Registration Department's website.

Can I come back after graduating and earn a Minor?

No. The Minor in Mathematics must be earned and received at the same time you receive your degree. However courses taken on an individual basis will enhance your value to employers and will provide personal satisfaction and growth.

Do I need to declare my Minor via some form?

After completion of a minimum of 54 credits, students must contact the Degree Completion Advisor to declare their intended degree.

Do I need to have an advisor in the Math Program if I'm pursuing a Math Minor?

No, a designated advisor is unnecessary. However, if you're unsure of anything about the Minor, such as what courses to take or when they'll be offered, it is a good idea to stop by the Mathematics Department to talk.

Does my Minor appear on my transcript and diploma?

While it will appear on the transcript, it will not appear on the degree parchment.

Can I complete just the Mathematics Minor or do I have to combine it with another program?

Students completing a Minor have to do this in association with a second Minor or a Major. At present students can not graduate with only one Minor. They need a Double Minor or a Major and a Minor.

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