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Travel Experiences

Two students by a treeHay ridestudents at statue

At VIU students have the opportunity to experience forestry on a national and international level. For those who want to travel, we run regular field trips and provide opportunities for students to study abroad for a term. We also have a growing number of international students choosing to come to Nanaimo for their studies, bringing their unique knowledge and experiences to the classroom.

Domestic Field Trips

Each year our second-year students visit two distinct areas of British Columbia to gain a better understanding of forestry across the province. In the fall, we take them on a week-long field trip to the interior of BC, visiting towns like Merritt and 100 Mile House. In the Spring, we take them to the west coast of Vancouver Island, spending time with the nations that reside there. In both of these field trips, our students learn about the many unique challenges that foresters in these unique regions face. See a presentation of photos from our yearly field trips.

International Field Trips

Our international trips take second year students to visit forests around the world. These trips enhance student knowledge of world forestry practices while fine-tuning their awareness of their own environment

 We have taken students around the world, including Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Belize, Mexico, Chile and New Zealand.  Note, these trips are not offered every year.

International Student Exchange

Students looking to spend more time abroad can participate in our International Student Exchange. Through reciprocal agreements with partner institutions around the world, select VIU forestry students can study abroad for a term. Previously students have studied in England, France, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Scotland and Romania. Funding is available for students interested in this program.

Even if you don’t go on a field trip or study abroad, the exchange program allows all VIU students the chance to learn directly about international forestry practices from the visiting international students who come to VIU and, in turn, teach those students about forestry in BC.