Beach seine

Mandy Norrish - Attended RMOT 2002 -2004

"I graduated from the Resource Management Officer Technology program with a diploma in 2004.  During that time my intentions were to complete the program and pursue Parks or Conservation work. 

However, I kept an open mind and applied for many different positions in fisheries and conservation. I was hired by Archipelago Marine Research (AMR) as an at sea observer and completed the training immediately after graduating.  I quickly realized that being an at sea observer was not for me and left AMR."

"Keeping an open mind and not getting disheartened, I continued my search for employment.  I  returned to working in the Aquaculture industry for the next four years. I remained open  to various opportunities  to learn in the industry and as a result experienced work  from the hatcheries to the sea sites.  I constantly kept watch for Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to start hiring again (I graduated during a five year hiring freeze).  Unfortunately I missed the first completion (in 2007) as I was in remote camp working, but did not miss the next opportunity to apply in 2008."

"I did not give up.  I kept a positive attitude in my work opportunities and made the most of every experience that was offered to me.  It is important to accept and try new things, particularly outside of your comfort zone and current beliefs.   If you are open to learn it is incredible what you can get out of life.

My career as a Fishery Officer has been extremely diverse.  I started in the Fraser Valley West Detachment in Langley BC in 2008.  It was a great place to start .  The work and pace was very busy and I completed  many diverse  files and activities in a short amount of time.  I was fortunate to receive a lot of training while in Langley, as there are a lot of different training facilities in the lower mainland.

In 2011, I was transferred to the Port Hardy Office and completed a one year secondment to the start-up of the aquaculture program.  I have a strong knowledge base of the aquaculture industry and helped Conservation and Protection (C&P) learn the industry, the compliance issues and assist in the creation of   mechanisms for the monitoring of compliance within the industry.

In 2012, I returned to general duty and remained in the Port Hardy office.  The Port Hardy office monitors a large diversity of  fisheries and conducts joint patrols with Coast Guard.  I have had many opportunities to work off of different Coast Guard Ships within my area.  I have also had a chance to do a lot of surveillance work which is always exciting and fun.  I have become a field trainer and enjoy teaching new cadets and also enjoy what they teach me.

The next chapter to my adventure starts this spring where I start in Bella Coola as the Field Supervisor.  I learn everyday as a Fishery Officer and enjoy the challenges. Because of my open mind, and the knowledge I picked up along the way, I have been given great opportunities for advancement..   I love the work and look forward to a long career with DFO."

Mandy Norrish
Fishery Officer
Fisheries and Oceans Canada