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Jason Davey - Attended RMOT 2004-2006

Jason Davey

"After graduating with a diploma in April of 2006, I returned to my position with BC Parks as a Park Ranger in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park located on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  In July, I was offered a full time position as a Compliance and Enforcement Officer with the BC Ministry of Forests.  I worked for the Ministry of Forests in Fort St. James until December.

I began training as a Federal Fishery Officer Cadet in January 2007.  After completing a gruelling 17 weeks of training in Chilliwack I was posted as a Fishery Officer in Prince Rupert.  Although it rains an awful lot in Prince Rupert, with it’s variety of fisheries it is probably the best place to start off as a new Fishery Officer. 

To date my experience as a Fishery Officer remains to be an interesting, challenging and rewarding career choice.  I attribute much of my success in my new career to what I was taught in the RMOT program. 

Graduates from the RMOT program are very well prepared for the career choices that lie ahead thanks to such a well rounded curriculum and excellent instructors.  As a Fishery Officer, I fall back on what I was taught at RMOT on almost a daily basis."

Jason Davey, Fishery Officer
Fisheries and Oceans Canada