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One of our best assets at VIU is our teaching staff. The Forestry Department is made up of professional foresters with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise in forest land management that includes silviculture, engineering, wildfire, ecology, forest health, research, and GIS—as well as international and First Nations forestry. Our varied perspectives and expertise provide students with an excellent introduction to the original green science – forestry!

Allow us to introduce ourselves to you!

Andres Enrich Andres Enrich, MF, RPF

Department Co-Chair and Professor

"Part of learning is changing your perspective about something. This change or transformation is a journey that can be empowering, frustrating or even amusing. As an educator, my greatest satisfaction is observing and guiding this transformation in our students over the brief time we get to share. Understanding how we learn can help us move past obstacles and get us closer to our goals."

Andres is a Registered Professional Forester with a Master’s degree in Forest Management from the University of Georgia. With over 20 year’s experience in operational and strategic planning supporting industry and government he has practiced forestry in Coastal and Interior BC, the US South and Uruguay.  His area’s of interest are inventory, mensuration, timber supply analysis and forest finance.  

Contact info

Building: 370  Room: 224
Phone: 250-753-3245, Ext. 2232
email: Andres.Enrich@viu.ca 

Bill BeeseBill Beese, MF, RPF - Retired Professor

Honorary Research Associate

"I believe that the foundation of effective teaching is a passion for the subject matter. Education should foster critical thinking, problem solving and a desire for continual learning. I'm excited to be at VIU to help support students in their pursuit of a rewarding career."

Bill has over 30 years of experience on the BC coast in research, environmental consulting and policy development for several forest companies—most recently as Forest Ecologist for Western Forest Products in Campbell River. He is a Registered Professional Forester with a Master’s degree in Forest Ecology from the University of British Columbia.

His research has focused on silvicultural systems, prescribed burning, forest regeneration and biodiversity. He has served on numerous research advisory and review committees, and working groups on old growth forests and ecosystem-based management. He was recently a member of an international science panel advising Forestry Tasmania on implementation of variable retention in old-growth eucalyptus forests. Bill also co-authored two chapters in the book Forestry and Biodiversity (UBC Press 2009).


  • Coastal Silviculturist of the Year in 2000
  • Ecological Society of America’s Corporate Award in 2001
  • BC Forest Professional magazine Best Article in 2008

Email: Bill.Beese@viu.ca

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Chris ColeChris Cole BSF, RPF, PEng


“I believe in promoting the values of Honesty, Respect, Trust, Kindness, and Hard Work when working and learning as a team in the multi-disciplinary field of forestry.  Post-secondary education in forestry is the foundation of a life-long learning process where classroom/office and field work experiences blend to provide a window into the natural world.  Through this portal your trained eye may never view a repeated episode, as you learn how natural systems change over time and keep you learning until the end... go for a walk in the woods as often as you can and challenge yourself to learn something new every day.”

Chris is a Professional Forester and Professional Engineer with over 24 years of experience working in the forest industry as a consult and as staff for a major licensee. Part of this time was spent owning and operating his own business with heavy equipment and engineering staff to design and build bridges, roads, retaining walls, harvest trees, and complete all associated forestry and engineering work required to support these operations.  Chris’s work experience covers both public and private land forestry at various locations across BC and has been primarily in the engineering and operation’s side of forestry.

Contact info

Building: 360  Room: 327
Phone: 250-753-3245, Ext. 2031
email: Chris.Cole@viu.ca 

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Doug CorrinDoug Corrin, MSc in GIS, RPF

Department Chair and Professor

"What you know is not as important as how you think.  I believe it is critical for students to see the big picture and make connections to what they already know.  And I believe in creating a safe and collaborative environment where both students and I feel safe to ask questions, express ideas, be creative … and even make mistakes.  A willingness to dare greatly, to make and admit mistakes promotes personal growth."

Doug is a Registered Professional Forester and has been working as a forestry consultant on the coast of BC since 1985.  His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree and a Master of Science in GIS degree. In 1990 he joined the Forestry Department at VIU. His specialties are forest health, spatial data, GIS and forest biometrics. During his time at VIU, Doug also served in the capacity of Associate Dean of Science & Technology for several years.

Doug designed the Tree Doctor, an online information and diagnostic tool for BC forest pests. In addition to teaching, he has also worked as a consultant, primarily on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), with a focus on silviculture operations, ecological site diagnosis and forest management planning.


  • Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching - use of technology to enhance student learning

Contact info

Building: 370  Room: 220
Phone: 250-753-3245, Ext. 2231
Email: Doug.Corrin@viu.ca

Instructor page for Doug Corrin

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Kathi DavisKathi Davis, RFT, RPF

Department Technologist

"One of my favorite quotes is by John Muir, "The mountains are calling, and I must go". I found my calling that summer day when I was 10 and my dad took me into the woods for the first time to see where he worked. I have pursued other things in my life but the mountains have always called me back."

Kathi, grew up in small coastal logging towns in BC and after high school started her forestry career as a tree planter. She is a graduate of the Forest Resource Technology program at VIU and is both a Registered Professional Forester and a Registered Forest Technologist. She is the Department Technologist providing assistance to both instructors and students in class and during field labs.

Kathi has a strong background in silviculture - she is a Silviculture Accredited Surveyor (SAS) and is the provincial Silviculture Surveyor Accreditation examiner for the BC South Coast Region. In the past, she has taught silviculture survey techniques to summer students and performed silviculture surveys on the VIU Woodlot. Kathi has also been a Sessional Instructor at VIU for a variety of courses including ecology, forest measurements, forest silvics and dendrology, forest resource computer applications and communications.

Kathi owns and manages a forest resource consulting company that works for a variety of industry, government, and First Nations clients providing silviculture survey and related training, silvicultural assessments, post harvest project management, compliance audits, and the establishment and maintenance of research trials, as well as many other professional forestry services.

Contact info

Building: 360 Room: 331
Phone: 250-753-3245, Ext. 2287
Email: Kathi.Davis@viu.ca

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Stacy CuzzocreaStacy Cuzzocrea BSF, RPF


“A Forestry Education doesn’t stop when you receive your diploma or degree.  It is a lifelong endeavour and what I strive to provide at VIU are the building blocks of knowledge and skills that will carry students throughout their forestry careers.  I believe students learn best in an environment that promotes creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.” 

Stacy is a Registered Professional Forester and holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and is completing her Masters in Educational Leadership.  Stacy has over 25 years forestry experience on the coast of British Columbia and has worked for large forest companies, government and has also been a forestry business owner.  She has a strong background in operational forestry including road design, helicopter logging, silviculture and planning.   As well she has worked collaboratively with various stakeholder groups, community advisory committees, First Nations and the Coast Forest Conservation Initiative.  Her areas of interest include Silviculture, Forest Policy and Administration and Soil Science.

Contact info

Building: 360 Room: 328
Phone: 250-753-3245, Ext. 2340
Email: Stacy.Cuzzocrea@viu.ca

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