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Leila Aus - Attended RMOT 1998-2000

Leila Aus

"I graduated in the RMOT program in 2000.  Upon graduation I worked as the Illegal Waste Project Coordinator for 2 years with Malaspina University-College.

RMOT provided me with the necessary tools to be hired as a Federal Fishery Officer in 2002 during a highly competitive time.  I headed off to training in the winter of 2002 and I soon found out the enormous opportunities this job could offer.  The training took me to places throughout Canada such as Ottawa, Sydney Nova Scotia at the Canadian Coast Guard College and finally Regina, at the historic RCMP training academy.  During my time as a Fishery Officer I have been posted in Port Hardy for 2 years and in Bella Coola for nearly 4 years. 

Over the past 6 years I have had the great privilege of working as a Fishery Officer all over the province.   Working as a Federal Fishery Officer is highly rewarding work, you meet people from all over the world and you can become immersed in various cultures.  I have taken the opportunities provided to me by DFO to challenge myself by accepting the isolated post of Bella Coola to further my understanding of fisheries on the Coast of British Columbia.   This is an opportunity I will always be grateful for and one that has made me a better Fishery Officer. 

Over the past 6 years I have delivered enforcement activities on the Fraser River during some contentious fisheries; I have patrolled the waters around the Queen Charlotte Islands and the North Coast of British Columbia on various Coast Guard ships; I have responded to marine mammal occurrences and enforced the marine mammal regulations.  These are just a few of the activities I have enjoyed while working as a Fishery Officer. 

Every day brings new challenges and excitement.  I am truly grateful for the education RMOT provided, I believe it gave me the focus, knowledge and experience to be successful in becoming a Fishery Officer." 

Leila Aus
Federal Fishery Officer
Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada