Current student research

  • Developing a digital geo-data mobilization strategy.  Sonja Lindberg, supervised by Sandra Johnstone and Kathleen Reid.  Developing a research and database management plan, following industry best-practices, to standarize, preserve, and publish data from undergraduate research conducted in the Vancouver Island University Earth Science Department.

  • Coastal erosion in the Parksville area, Vancouver Island. Byron Johnston, supervised by Jerome Lesemann. Investigating a site of coastal erosion on a sea cliff composed Quaternary sediments.

Past student research

  • Remote Predictive Mapping of Surficial Materials, Kathawachaga Lake (076L), Western Nunavut, Canada. Trevor Smith, supervised by Jerome Lesemann and Hannah Wilson. Remote Predictive Mapping (RPM) in Western Nunavut by using moisture content of glacial landforms from satellite data. End product is a first-order surficial geology map to be used for exploration activities.  geol490_poster_ts.pdf

  • Geological study of basalts on the Nanoose Peninsula. GEOL300 students (Spring 2015) and GEOL308 students (Spring 2016), supervised by Sandra Johnstone. Projects to determine whether a basalt unit at Ainsley Beach was correctly mapped as Karmutsen by using petrological and geochemical methods.  Geol300_poster.pdf  geol308_posterS16.pdf

  • Exploring the Potential for Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Mineralization at the Jasper Property, Vancouver Island. Geology 308 students (Spring 2014), supervised by Sandra Johnstone. Geological and geochemical study to determine the style of mineralization of a mineral property on Vancouver Island.  Geol308_Poster.pdf

  • Hydrological Evaluation of Karst Springs on Stramberg Farm, Quadra Island, BC.  Lorill Ireland, supervised by Tim Stokes.  Monitoring of karst springs and dye tracing to determine subsurface flow paths and catchments.

  • A History of Deformation within the Nanaimo Group: Stevenson Point, Vancouver Island, B.C. Michael Freer, supervised by Tim Stokes.   Detailed structural and stratigraphic mapping of the unconformity between the Nanaimo Group and Karmutsen Formation at Stephenson point unraveling the complex sequence of geological events.

  • Development of a Preliminary Seismic Hazard Map for the City of Nanaimo, BC. Ginny Casey and supervised by Tim Stokes.  GIS project using surficial geology and other mapping data for the Nanaimo Region to develop a preliminary seismic hazard map for amplification, liquefaction and landslides. 

  • Development and Evaluation of Geoscience Place-based Learning Activities for Departure Bay Elementary Eco-School, Nanaimo, BC. Jamie Anderson, and supervised by Tim Stokes.  Examining the role of geoscience education in the schools and enhancing learning using a range of class and field-based techniques.

  • Mapping and Analysis of Geologic Structures, Surface Karst Features and Subsurface Passages at Horne Lak Caves Provincial Park, BC. Louis Chapdelaine and supervised by Tim Stokes.  Completed structural mapping of the karst surface and used 3D modelling to integrate surface structures with subsurface cave openings and passageways. 

  • Assessment of the Stratigraphy and Permeability of the Quadra Sand Deposits at Deep Bay. Angela Mays, supervised by Steve Earle. This project contributed to a better understanding of the groundwater conditions at the new site for VIU’s Centre for Shellfish Research.

  • Effects of Open-Loop Geothermal Pumping on Surrounding Geology and Groundwater Geochemistry. Nathaniel Donald, supervised by Steve Earle. This study investigated the effects of open-loop geo-exchange pumping on the chemistry of groundwater.

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