Beach seine

Sarah Greenway - Professor

Sarah joined the RMAP faculty in 2006 as the Technician for the program.  She supported the program for 11 years as well as served as Co-Curator of the VIU Natural History Museum.   Prior to this, Sarah worked for Fisheries and Oceans Canada as a Fishery Officer.  Here she gained experience in enforcement as well as assisting the Chief of Recruitment, Training and Standards.  Prior to DFO, Sarah was a Park Ranger with BC Parks and also a Park Attendant for BC Ministry of Forests recreation sites. 

Sarah is a graduate of the RMOT Diploma Program (1999), received a Certificate at Mount Royal University in Curriculum Development and Instructional Design (2012) and achieved her Master of Science through the University of Wisconsin (2016).

Sarah currently instructs:

  • RMOT 100 - BC Fisheries
  • RMOT 105 - Field Skills
  • RMOT 206 - Habitat Management
  • RMOT 271 - Field Practicum
  • RMOT 294 - Legal and Investigative Procedures I
  • RMOT 295 - Legal and Investigative Procedures II
  • RMOT 296 - Court and Administrative Procedures
  • RMOT 397 - Natural Resource Forensic Investigations

Sarah has also previously taught:

  • RMOT 102 - Parks and Protected Areas
  • RMOT 194 - Resource Acts and Regulations
  • RMOT 305 - Advanced Field Skills