Beach seine

Trystan Willmott - Attended RMOT 2001-2003

"Trystan WillmottAfter graduating from the RMOT diploma program in 2003, I worked as a seasonal Park Attendant for CRD Parks in Victoria. The park work was enjoyable, in that it was based entirely outdoors. Unfortunately the lack of full-time opportunities made it difficult to continue with CRD Parks. I was fortunate enough to be offered a full time job at Duncan-based Madrone Environmental Services Ltd. in February 2005, which is my current place of employment.

I am employed as a Fisheries/Wildlife Technician, which allows me to be part of a wide range of projects with a considerable degree of variety. Fieldwork is a major component of the job, which helps to offset the inevitable time needed in the office to write up reports, manage projects and liaise with clients. The majority of projects are wildlife-based, and generally include impact assessments triggered by resource-extraction companies (e.g. forestry) and private development proposals (e.g. housing/commercial ventures). Fisheries-based projects that I routinely work on include stream classification, environmental monitoring for in-stream works, riparian assessments, fish salvage and assessments for proposed hydro electric power projects. I also carry out marine-based intertidal and subtidal habitat assessments.

One of the reasons why I enjoy my chosen field is due to the fact that I am able to spend a great deal of time outdoors. Field locations are often remote, unique places that are invariably very scenic places. The work is varied, and there is always the opportunity to try something new and for me to expand on my own experience and knowledge base. My best experience at work would have to be when I was asked by our senior fisheries biologist to spend some time sampling for fish by fly-rod; as an avid fly-fisher, I had no problem with that request."

Trystan Willmott
Fisheries/Wildlife Technician
Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.
Duncan, BC