Biology Mission Statement

The Vancouver Island University Biology Department offers its students a comprehensive education in the biological sciences. We recognize the breadth and diversity in the life sciences and offer students an opportunity to pursue a B.Sc. degree with an emphasis in at least one of three major areas of study: (1) organismal biology and ecology, (2) molecular and cellular biology, or (3) microbiology. Our goal is to graduate students who have acquired not only a broad knowledge of their subject area, but also excellent critical-thinking, problem-solving and oral and written communication skills. The hallmark of our program is our fourth year independent research project, which all students intending to graduate with a B.Sc. Major in Biology from VIU must complete under the mentorship of a faculty member. This research experience, in combination with the theoretical knowledge and laboratory experiences gained in their other courses, prepares students to pursue a range of careers in the biological sciences, including continuation to graduate and professional schools and employment in government or industry.