Who is a Geologist?

Many of us prefer to call ourselves 'Earth Scientists' or 'Geoscientists' because we study the whole Earth: its complex interactions between rock, air, water, climate, and organisms of all varieties; its vast history; shapes and patterns. We look at rocks and fossils and wonder: 'what did the world look and act like millions to billions of years ago when this rock was formed or this critter roamed the earth'. 

Did you know that Earth is 4.6 billion years old?  And it is constantly being recycled.  Mountains grow then are eroded away giving rise to sediments that make their way to the ocean floor via rivers and streams only to be sucked back down beneath the continents on a subducting plate.  Did you know that Vancouver Island may have once been located near Baha, Mexico with warm tropical beaches?  Maybe the dinosaurs were sitting under the palm trees sipping iced lattes way back then...

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Also, check out this Physical Geology textbook created by a former VIU professor, Steven Earle.