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STEMantics! at VIU Booking Form

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Who can book a fieldtrip?

Our fieldtrips are intended for teachers and classrooms but speak with us if you have a group that is interested in a fieldtrip and we will work with you to book something special.

How much does it cost?

Most programs costs $125 / 1 hour for up to 30 students. We are only booking one program per class at a time due to facility and staff limitations. Please contact us if cost is a barrier.

How long is each program?

Programs are generally 60 minutes long. We are happy to tailor program length to your classes needs. Please speak with us to customize your experience.

The name of the teacher booking the field trip. This will be the main person of contact.
Additional Classes

If another class is joining on the same day, please fill out the class information here:

If more than one class is visiting, allow 15 minutes between activities for class transition.
Which Program(s)?
This lab requires algae be tested to obtain data for lab worksheets. Classes have the option to return to the lab to complete their final sample/data collection, or alternatively, our staff can collect this information and send the data to the teacher over e-mail. Both options will be an additional 30 minutes of time, making this program $150 (1.5 hours of instructor time).
Chaperones are an important part of a successful visit to the campus The following student to chaperone ratios are required for participation in our programs. School Program Ratios (Preschool/K 4:1) (Grades 1-5 8:1) (Grades 6+ 12 :1)