Coho Fry

Dr. Stefanie Zaklan Duff

  • Professor
  • Invertebrate Ecologist


  • PhD Evolution and Systematics, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta (2001)
  • MSc  Behavioural Ecology Research Group, Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University (1994)
  • BSc  Biology, Simon Fraser University (1990)

Courses taught

  • FISH 322: Marine Ecology
  • FISH 207: BC Aquatic Ecosystems for Resource Managers
  • FISH 222: Larval rearing and Invertebrate Culture
  • FISH 205: Invertebrate Zoology
  • FISH 321: Limnology
  • FISH 281: Fisheries Field Techniques (Lake Survey)
  • FISH 171T/172T: Field Practicum
  • FISH 191T/192T: Projects in Fish Husbandry I & II
  • FISH 271T/272T: Projects in Fish Husbandry III & IV

Organizations and Affilations

  • Systematic Association UK, Crustacean Society, Zoeal Society


  • Zaklan, S. D., and C. W. Cunningham (In prep.)  The molecular phylogeny and consequences of the transition from hermit crabs to King crabs.  Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Biological Sciences
  • Zaklan, S.D. 2002. Review of the family lithodidae (Crustacea:  Anomura:  Paguroidea):  distribution, biology, and fisheries.  In:  Crabs in cold water regions:  Biology, Management, and Economics.  Alaska Sea Grant College Program.  pp. 751-845.

  • Zaklan, S. D. 2000.  A case of reversed asymmetry in Lithodes maja (Linnaeus, 1758)(Decapoda, Anomura, Lithodidae).  Crustaceana 73(8): 1019-1022a
  • Klingenberg, C.P. and S.D. Zaklan. 2000.  Morphological Integration between Developmental Compartments in the Drosopila Wing.  Evolution. 54(4): 1273-1285
  • Klingenberg, C.P., G. McIntyre, and S.D. Zaklan. 1998.  Left-Right Asymmetry of Fly Wings:  Implications for the Evolution of Body Axes.  Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, Biological Sciences
  • Zaklan, S.D. and R.C. ydenberg. 1997.  The body-size burial depth relationship in the infaunal clam Mya arenaria.  Journal of Experimental Marine Bioloyg and Ecology. 216:1-16

Conference Presentations

  • Zaklan, S.D. and C.W. Cunningham. Lowell Wakefield Symposium on Cold Water Crabs.   A Molecular view of lithodid relationships.  Anchorage Alaska. (2001)
  • Zaklan, S.D. and C.W. Cunningham. Systematics Association of the U.K. Morphological systematics of family Lithodidae. London, England (2000)
  • Zaklan, S.D. University of Alberta Biological Sciences conference.  Evolution of the Lithodidae (2000)
  • Zaklan, S.D. and C.W. Cunningham. Systematics Association of the U.K. From Hermit to King- the Evolution of the Lithodidae.  Glasgow, Scotland (1999)
  • Zaklan, S.D. and C.W. Cunningham.  Molecular evolution of the Lithodidae. International Conference for Evolutionary Biologists. Vancouver, BC. (1998)
  • Zaklan, S.D.  Is deeper better?  A behavioural analysis of a soft-shelled clam's (Mya arenaria) burial decisions.  Bamfield Marine Sciences Center, BC (1997)
  • Zaklan, S.D. and A.R. Palmer.  Is fluctuating asymmetry correlated with survival?  Experimental manipulations with Drosophila malanogaster.  The Western Society of Naturalist meeting, Fort Warden, Washington, USA. (1996)
  • Zaklan, S.D. Pacific Ecology Conference, Bamfield BC.  Intertidal Predator/prey interactions (1994)