ENGR 291 - Special Field Studies in Engineering

About the course 

Engineering graduates increasingly find that they are part of teams that draw a multi-disciplinary membership across a broad range of cultural, socio-economic, and linguistic backgrounds.  This course provides an opportunity for first- and second-year engineering and technologist students to apply their practice in a field-based setting outside of the local region.  Typical activities include site visits, observations, in-field data collection, prototype construction and analysis, and seminars, and involve travel in Canada or abroad.  Students required to participate in pre-trip discussion sessions and all organized activities, and to complete a summary paper.

Prerequisite:   ENGR 121, min. "B: in ENGR 112, and written permission of instructor.

  1. To enhance intercultural competency

  2. To gain an understanding of engineering and technologist practice in other regions of the world.

  3. To successfully complete engineering projects as part of a diverse team.

In May-2019, a group of nine, first-year VIU Engineering students travelled to Tra Vinh University (TVU) in Vientam to participate in a three-week field school.  During this field school, these students were paired with TVU first-year engineering students, and participated in a number of cultural and engineering activities.  


Instructor: Brian Dick, PhD, EngL, PMP

Email: Bian.Dick@viu.ca