Earth Science Texts



  • Physical Geology by Steven Earle
    This open source text written by Steven Earle is available online for students and focused on Vancouver Island and British Columbia.
  • Geomorphology: A Canadian Perspective 6th ed. by Alan S. Trenhaile

  • Introduction to Geology by Salt Lake Community College
    This link provides access to the online textbook for introductory geology courses. 

  • Canada Rocks: The Geologic Journey by Nick Eyles and Andrew Miall 
    This text focuses on the geologic processes that shaped the second largest country in the World. 

  • West Coast Fossils by Graham Beard and Rolf Ludvigsen 
    This text is a great resource to have, specifically Chapter Five: Fossil Groups Represented on Vancouver Island. 

  • Geology of British Columbia: A Journey through Time by Sydney Cannings, JoAnne Nelson and Richard Cannings
    The authors explore the geologic history of British Columbia in this text. 

  • Geography of British Columbia: People and Landscapes in Transition by Brett McGillivray
    This introductory text is a good resource for geology, geography and economic history of British Columbia. 

  • Science Daily: Earth and Climate News 
    Earth and climate news daily that shares recently published studies on the specific subjects such as geology, earthquakes, and environment. There is an option to sign up and receive daily emails on a specific subject, such as geology to keep students current on geologic studies. 

  • Four Billion Years and Counting: Canada's Geologic Heritage by Robert Fensome, Graham Williams et al.
    This text is approved by the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences and recommended for teaching earth sciences in high schools across Canada.
  • UCLA's Augmented Reality Sandbox 
    The Augmented Reality Sandbox developed by UCLA, allows students to engage with the formation of landscapes within this topographic projection map. 

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