Coho Fry

Professor Mark Noyon

  • Professor
  • Civil Engineer
  • Field Practicum Coordinator


  • BSc University of British Columbia, Vancouver (1987)
  • MASc University of British Columbia, Vancouver (1994)


An oceanographer and civil engineer by training, Mark Noyon has been teaching at Vancouver Island University (formerly, Malaspina University-College) in the Fisheries and Aquaculture department since 1994. His courses focus on various aspects of hydraulics and hydrology pertaining to aquaculture system design and fisheries habitat assessment and restoration. As department Chair and field practicum coordinator, he maintains close relations with both the government and industry sectors. In addition, Mark works with the Natural Resource Extension Program (at VIU) developing and delivering fisheries technical courses to community groups throughout British Columbia.

Courses taught

  • FISH 100T: Introductory Field Trip
  • FISH 162T: Shop Skills
  • FISH 171T/172T: Field Practicum
  • FISH 173T: Work Experience
  • FISH 191T/192T: Projects in Fish Husbandry
  • FISH 254: Fisheries Engineering - Hydraulics
  • FISH 371/372: Field Practicum
  • FISH 391/392: Projects in Fish Husbandry
  • FISH 473: Summer Field Practicum
  • FISH 253: Fisheries Engineering - Hydrology
  • FISH 353: Fisheries Engineering - Stream Assessment
  • FISH 491: Undergraduate Research Projects
  • FISH 453: Stream Habitat Assessment and Rehabilitation
  • RMOT 215T: Hydrology

Organizations and Affiliations

  • Mark is a member of the Canadian Water Resource Association (CWRA), has assisted the National seafood sector council with pilot projects and, been involved with curriculum development (high school mathematics) for the BC Ministry of Education
  • Other professional activities include: Member of VIU’s Task Force on Technology, and VIU’s workload committee
  • In addition, Mark is a lieutenant in the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department (GVFD)