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Ken McNolty - Attended RMOT 2003-2005

Ken McNolty

"After graduating from the RMOT program in April 2005, I headed east to Manitoba where I worked as a Resource Officer on Lake Winnipeg. I worked for two seasons in Manitoba before I was offered a full time position with the BC Ministry of Forests and Range as a Compliance and Enforcement Officer.  Here I gained experience working in both areas of Chilliwack and Penticton"

"In January 2008, I became a Fishery Officer Cadet.  I completed  17 weeks of intense training which took me from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Chilliwack, British Columbia and finally to RCMP Depot in Regina. After graduating as a Fishery Officer I was posted to Williams Lake BC."

"Williams Lake is one of the largest areas in the Pacific Region covering the Fraser, Chilko, Horsefly and Quesnel Rivers.  Fishery Officers in this region are exposed to First Nations fisheries, sport fisheries, species at risk and a variety of habitat issues."

"Working as a Fishery Officer is proving to be a rewarding career choice filled with adventure, excitement and room for advancement. The specialized training I received in RMOT well prepared me for my career and I attribute my success to the experienced instructors at the RMOT program." 

"Everyday is an adventure!"


Ken McNolty
Federal Fishery Officer
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Williams Lake BC