VIU Math Department

Upper-Level Course Offerings

Fall 2024

MATH 320 (3) Applied Probability 

An introduction to probability models and their applications, including: basic limit theorems and inequalities, conditioning, Markov chains, the Poisson process, renewal processes, introduction to queuing theory, and introduction to statistical simulation. Not offered every year. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: Min. "C" in each of MATH 241 and MATH 254.

Taught by Dean Slonowsky

MATH 330 (3) Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Development of the number systems of elementary algebra; groups, rings, integral domains and fields; polynomials. Not open to students with credit in MATH 230. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: Min. "C" in each of MATH 241 and MATH 223.

Taught by Melissa Huggan

Spring 2025

MATH 350 (3) History of Mathematics

The development of mathematics from its first primitive forms through to the present. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of the mathematics taught in high school. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: Six credits of 200-level Math with a min. "C" in each course.

Taught by Jacobus Swarts

MATH 372 (3) Introductory Complex Variables

An introduction to Complex variables, beginning with the algebra and geometry of the complex number system. Topics include: complex functions, analytic functions, Cauchy's theorem and its consequences, Taylor and Laurent series, residue calculus, evaluations of real integrals and summation of series. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: Min. "C" in each of MATH 123 and MATH 221.

Taught by Glen Pugh

MATH 443 (3) Introduction to Linear Programming

An introduction to the mathematics of linear constrained optimization. Topics include the simplex method, revised simplex method, duality, and sensitivity analysis. Additional topics will be chosen from: integer programming, game theory, network flows and nonlinear programming. Not offered every year.  (3:0:0)

Prerequisites:  Min. "C" in each of MATH 223 and MATH 241.

Taught by Patrick Ng

Ongoing offerings

MATH 491 (6) Undergraduate Research Project

An opportunity for senior students to gain experience in mathematical research under the guidance of a faculty member. Project duration is two consecutive academic semesters during which student must pursue an independent project, prepare a written report, and present their results in a seminar. (0:2:0 for 30 weeks)

Prerequisite: 12 upper-level MATH credits, approval of Faculty Advisor, and permission of the Chair. 

Deadline to apply: May 15 for the following Fall semester start date.