VIU Math Department

Upper-Level Course Offerings

Fall 2023

MATH 310 (3) Introduction to Graph Theory 

An introduction to the theory of Graphs. Topics include graphs and subgraphs, trees, connectivity, Euler tours and Hamilton cycles, matchings, graph colouring, and planar graphs. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: Min. "C" in MATH 223

Taught by Jane Wodlinger

MATH 325 (3) Regression Analysis

Linear regression analysis with applications, multiple linear regression, polynomial regression, model adequacy checking, variable transformations, variable selection, indicator variables, diagnostics for leverage and influential observations, checking for multicollinearity, model selection, stepwise regression, prediction and inference. The data analysis is implemented using statistical software. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: Min. "C" in either MATH 254 or MATH 255; or min. "C" in either MATH 101 or MATH 122 and a min. "C" in one of MATH 181, MATH 203, or MATH 211

Taught by Shaun Sun

MATH 362 (3) Elementary Number Theory 

Divisibility, primes, congruences, arithmetic functions, primitive roots, quadratic residues, basic representation and decimals, and a selection from the following topics: Pythagorean triples, representation as sums of squares, infinite descent, rational and irrational numbers, and distribution of primes. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: MATH 123 and 6 credits of 200-level math courses (excluding MATH 203, 211, and 254) with a min. "C" in each course

Taught by David Bigelow

Spring 2024

MATH 335 (3) Numerical Analysis I

Major computational methods for interpolation, least squares, approximation, numerical quadrature, numerical solution of nonlinear equations, systems of linear equations, and initial value problems for ordinary differential equations. Emphasis on the methods and their computational properties rather on their analytic aspects. Offered alternate years. (2:0:1)

Prerequisites: Min. "C" in each of MATH 241 and MATH 221

Taught by Jacobus Swarts

MATH 371 (3) Introductory Real Analysis

An introduction to mathematical analysis and the theory underlying calculus. Topics include set theory and proofs, real numbers, sequences and series, continuous functions, derivatives, the Riemann integral, and sequences of functions. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: Min. "C" in each of MATH 123 and MATH 221

Taught by Glen Pugh

MATH 470 (3) Pursuit-Evasion Games on Networks (Advanced Topics in Mathematics)

Pursuit-evasion game theory is a relatively new area of mathematical study. This work investigates adversarial situations on networks and strategies for neutralizing threats. This course will introduce the concepts of a main body of work in this area: the Cops and Robbers model in graph theory. The main course topics are to characterize k-cop-win graphs, understand Meyniel's conjecture and investigate graph classes satisfying the bound, explore various graph classes and their products, examine how properties of graphs inform bounds on the cop number, and understand algorithms relating to the complexity. We will end the course by exploring game variants, and how ruleset changes affect the theory. (3:0:0)

Prerequisites: Min. "C" in MATH 223

Taught by Melissa Huggan

Ongoing offerings

MATH 491 (6) Undergraduate Research Project

An opportunity for senior students to gain experience in mathematical research under the guidance of a faculty member. Project duration is two consecutive academic semesters during which student must pursue an independent project, prepare a written report, and present their results in a seminar. (0:2:0 for 30 weeks)

Prerequisite: 12 upper-level MATH credits, approval of Faculty Advisor, and permission of the Chair. 

Deadline to apply: May 1 for the following Fall semester start date.