VIU Math Department

Upper-Level Course Offerings

Fall 2022

MATH 320 (3) Applied Probability 

An introduction to probability models and their applications, including: basic limit theorems and inequalities, conditioning, Markov chains, the Poisson process, renewal processes, introduction to queuing theory, and introduction to statistical simulation. Not offered every year. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in each of MATH 241 and MATH 254

Taught by Dean Slonowsky

MATH 321 (3) Mathematical Statistics I 

The course places emphasis on the mathematics of statistics. Topics covered include probability models, random variables and their distributions, properties of random variables, joint distributions of random variables, mathematical expectation, moment generating functions, functions of random variables and limiting distributions. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in each of MATH 254 and MATH 221

Taught by Eric Agyekum

MATH 330 (3) Introduction to Abstract Algebra 

Development of the number systems of elementary algebra; groups, rings, integral domains and fields; polynomials. Not open to students with credit in MATH 230. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in MATH 241 and min. "C" in one of MATH 200, MATH 221 or MATH 223

Taught by Jane Wodlinger

Spring 2023

MATH 326 (3) Design of Experiments 

An introduction to the principles of experimental design and the techniques of analysis of variance. Topics covered include randomization, blocking, covariates, 2^k and fractional factorial designs, repeated measures designs, multiple comparisons and orthogonal contrasts. Emphasis is placed on the assumptions, implications, and rationale of particular designs. Not offered every year. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in either MATH 254 or MATH 255; or min. "C" in either MATH 101 or MATH 122 and a min. "C" in one of MATH 181, MATH 203 or MATH 211

Taught by Shaun Sun

MATH 372 (3) Introductory Complex Variables

An introduction to Complex variables, beginning with the algebra and geometry of the complex number system. Topics include: complex functions, analytic functions, Cauchy's theorem and its consequences, Taylor and Laurent series, residue calculus, evaluations of real integrals and summation of series. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in each of MATH 123 and MATH 221

Taught by Melissa Huggan

MATH 465 (3) Error Correcting Codes

An introduction to the mathematics protecting information from errors during transmission or storage. Topics include introduction to error-correcting codes, introduction to finite fields, linear codes, dual codes, hamming codes, BCH codes. Optional topics include perfect codes, codes and Latin squares, cyclic codes and weight enumerators. Not offered every year. (3:0:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in each of MATH 123 and MATH 241

Taught by Jacobus Swarts