Scenery picture on Quadra Island, Geol206 field school location

Get outside with the Earth Science Department

GEOL 206 - Field Geology and Geological Mapping

GEOL 206 is a 10-day off-campus course that provides an introduction to field methods and geological mapping. This course gives students an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge gained in their first two years of study by working on an extended group mapping project. Though specific activities may vary from year-to-year, the course work typically takes place on Quadra Island and various other nearby locales. Students can expect to travel and stay with their classmates for the duration of the course.

Students will make geological observations in the field, record this data in field notes, and plot the data onto base maps. Topics include field safety, logistics, navigation, interpretation of geological data, geological maps, and communicating geological information.

Prerequisite: 6 credits of 200-level GEOL courses or Permission of Instructor. 

Credits: 3

Here are pictures from our field school on Quadra Island.