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Seaweed Seminar Series: Hosted by North Island College, The Seaweed Series highlights innovative work in the industry to inspire Canadian growers and processors to pursue new avenues in the ever-growing kelp world.

Science and Tech Community Lecture Series: Science and Tech faculty presenting on their work throughout the month of March.

Seafood Business Accelerator: The seafood business accelerator (SBA) is a newly launched BC-based program to help local small-scale fishers and farmers develop more sustainable, profitable seafood businesses.


Applications for Fisheries and Aquaculture Awards are due to the Financial Aid and Awards office by April 30.

Application for graduation: all students graduating from the diploma programs this April will have to apply for graduation.

Professional Memberships and Associations: It is advisable to become a member of a few professional organizations in your chosen field of fisheries and aquaculture. All have student rates for membership.

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