Beach seine

Ellen Sedlack - Attended RMOT 1998-2000

"I graduated from RMOT in 2000, and was a Conservation Officer in Alberta for the summer.  I then decided to go into a BSc. Fisheries and Aquaculture at Malaspina (now VIU).  This was the first time an RMOT grad wanted to go into Aquaculture and the first to consider credits from the RMOT towards the degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture.  So I became a sort of guinea pig, so to speak." 

"After receiving my BSc in Fisheries and Aquaculture in 2002, I applied on an Environment and Lands Officer position with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.  Today I am still happily in this position, in Whitehorse, Yukon."

"Now that I look back at RMOT, I am convinced that this program gave me the stepping stones I needed for my career and personal development...not only in the ability to understand legislation/regulations, but understand federal government agencies/departments, and their respective roles.  So now, when I am asked to review an Environmental Assessment, and the project is, lets say within 30m of a river, I know that DFO needs to be involved etc.  This kind of information has really really helped me!"

"RMOT also gave me the ability to be more confident in myself.  When you are on your practicum (shadowing a CO or FO...or working in the enforcement world) you are placed in situations where you need to show self confidence, conviction in what you are doing, and maintain your composure and professionalism at all times etc.  So now when I am in negotiations with clients, or at meetings and things become a bit dicey, I can maintain that self confidence and say what I mean, and mean what I say. RMOT has definitely given me that ability!"

"RMOT also showed me the value of being a part of a team.  You are with your fellow students for 2 years make great friendships along the way, help each other out etc.  Some of the best friends that I have today are from the RMOT program."

"I am still living in Whitehorse, and I love what I do.  Although the RMOT program is designed to teach people about working in enforcement, I strongly believe, you grow as a person being in this program.  I will never forget my time spent there.  So, I wouldn't discount the RMOT program, because you are not into enforcement, or cannot see yourself in enforcement forever...this program offers so much more, trust me."

"Oh...and I am proud to say, I can still name any duck from 50 yards away!!!"

Ellen Sedlack
Environment and Lands Officer
Indian and Northern Affairs