two students by tree in hard hats and vests

Student Conduct Policies

Students should consider the classroom as a work place.  As such, there is an expectation of a safe and respectful environment. 

VIU Student Conduct Code

The VIU Stuent Conduct Code states: "students are expected to behave in a responsible manner respectful of the learning environment inside the classroom and throughout the campus. This policy applies to all campus and off-campus locations where sponsored activity is occurring.Students enrolled at VIU are expected to meet standards of conduct, which include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Accepting responsibility for their behaviour on VIU property and/or at institutionally sponsored events
  • Complying with VIU policy and federal, provincial and local laws and/or regulations
  • Respecting the rights of all students and employees to have a positive and safe learning and working environment; and,
  • Respecting the property of others."

In addition to these standards, Forestry Department policies include the following

Professional conduct is expected at all times. This means that:

  • Classmates will be treated in a respectful manner
  • Acts of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated
  • Language is to be kept "clean and respectful"

Property and equipment will be respected and properly maintained. This means that:

  • Class rooms, the forestry computer lab and mud room, busses and vehicles will be kept clean
  • Personal field gear will be kept in the assigned lockers
  • Department field equipment that is signed out to students will be properly maintained. Students will report any damaged or misplaced equipment. Equipment is to be returned at the designated place and time to ensure other students have access to properly functioning equipment