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Course Outline Requirement

VIU's Course Outline  policy 94.08 which outlines the requirement that instructors and professors "provide students with a course outline for all courses (and sections of courses) they are assigned to teach."  The required components that must be part of any course outline are listed in the procedure 94.08.001.  As part of this policy, and to support the widespread use of course outlines, the following Course Outline Template has been created.  You are free to re-format this provided template or to adapt your current course outlines.  

This template is intended to represent all of the components of the Course Outline Procedure in a clear, itemized format that corresponds directly to the Procedure document. It is intended to be a starting point for instructors making course outlines and does not represent the only way to present the information described in the Procedure. It is not intended to limit the information that might be included to support students. Instructors may include information that is not described in this document, or included in the Procedure.

The basic Academic Integrity section provides a link to this learningmatters page.  

If you have assessments that do not fit with the general language provided in the basic template, it is encouraged that you add statements that cover these to your outline and/or to the assignments themselves (see Academic Integrity, Course Outline & GenAI section).