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Computer Science Help Centre

VIU Computer Science students are welcome to come and get help from fellow Computer Science students on the labs and assignments. The centre is staffed by upper-year Computer Science students, and overseen by department staff and faculty.

The centre runs scheduled hours from the second week of classes until the last day of classes of each fall and spring semesters (excluding reading breaks). Additionally, focused study sessions are held around the start of final exams each semester.

Hours and Location

In-person drop-in location: Building 315, Room 102 (Computer Science first year lab).

The current schedule can be found posted on the first year lab door, and in the Help Centre channel on the CSCI Discord server.

Online Assistance

Help Centre staff are also available during the scheduled times through the CSCI Discord server in the “helpcentre” channel. 

The VIU-CSCI Discord server is run by Computer Science students. The server can be found in the Discord Student Hubs list for VIU:

  • Discord > Add a server > Join a server > Don’t have an invite? > Student Hubs

Help Centre Staff Positions

Help Centre staff are hired late summer for both the fall and spring semesters. Postings for the positions can be found on the VIU Student Employment website starting in August of each year. Minimum requirements for successful applicants are:

  • Third- or fourth-year standing in the Computer Science degree program

  • A grade of B or better in both of CSCI 161 and CSCI 260