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Program Options

Accreditation and Professional Registration

The Forest Resources Technology Diploma program is accredited by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board.

Graduates meet the required standard for membership with Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC) where they can register post-graduation and train to become a Registered Forest Technologist. Twelve courses in the program are currently recognized by FPBC as qualifying toward Registered Professional Forester status.

The Forestry Department offers a range of programs to fit every student's needs. For more information please contact us or check out our information sessions.

2-Year Forest Resources Technology Diploma

This is our most popular program. Courses cover the full spectrum of forestland values and provide students with the knowledge and skill set required for a range of career options in forestry. Much of the coursework is hands-on and conducted in the VIU Forest, located 10 minutes from campus.

This program is accredited with Forest Professionals BC and provides the academic requirements for certification as a Registered Forest Technologist. Graduates of this program have many options for furthering their education (e.g. transfer to UBC and obtain a BSF or continue at VIU and obtain a Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection, a BA – Geography (Resource Management), or an Advanced diploma in GIS). Learn more at Continued Education.

Students may transfer into the second year of VIU’s Forestry program from a recognized forest technology school in Canada or the United States. Transfer qualifications are adjudicated on an individual basis.

Admissions requirements and program details for the Diploma program

Post Diploma Bridging Year to University Degrees

Graduates of the technology program wishing to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF) degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) can take this one-year bridging program providing direct entry into third year forestry at UBC.

Upgrading Program for Diploma Program Entry

This option provides students with the prerequisites for the diploma program and includes some selected forestry courses.

Learn more about the Forestry Resources Technology Diploma Program or contact the Chair of the Forestry Department.