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Bachelor of Science (BSc) Year 1 Learning Community

If you have applied to the BSc and are interested in joining a Year 1 BSc Learning Communities for Fall 2024-Spring 2025, please email for more details.  We are interested in hearing from you on what your VIU Degree Major goals are, so we can try and build the community that is right for you.  

What is the BSc Learning Community?

A Learning Community sets you up for success at school – and beyond. If you choose the BSc Learning Community, you’ll enroll in a set of science courses as part of a student group. You and and a small group of other students will have the same homework, the same exams and the same teachers for first year.

What are the benefits of a BSc Learning Community?

A Learning Community makes your university experience better. When you share courses with the same classmates, you make social connection with students who share your interests. They understand your university experience because it’s theirs too. There are study benefits as well. You can form study groups where you can work on all classes together.

For Fall 2024-2025, the Bachelor of Science Learning Community primarily focussed on the Major in Biology and Major in Chemistry and included the following classes.  

Semester 1:

BIOL 121A and 121L - (Introductory Zoology Theory (A) and Laboratory (L))                                                                  CHEM 140A and 140L - (Chemistry Fundamentals I Theory (A) and Laboratory (L))                                                      MATH 121 - (Calculus I)                                                                                                                                                        PHYS 111 - (Physics for the Life Sciences I)

Semester 2:

BIOL 123A and 123L - (Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology Theory (A) and Laboratory (L))
CHEM 142A and 142L - (Chemistry Fundamentals II Theory (A) and Laboratory (L))
MATH 122 - (Calculus II)
PHYS 112 - (Physics for the Life Sciences II)

*These courses fulfill the science-based courses for first year in the Bachelor of Science with a Biology or Chemistry Major. Students can choose to add 2 English classes to fulfill the Degree English Requirement within the regular September – April school year or take these courses during VIU’s summer session to help lighten their course load throughout the regular school year.

Why should you consider VIU’s Bachelor of Science Learning Community

The Bachelor of Science Learning Community at VIU starts you on the right foot to keeping your doors open for a range of science related careers as well as for many professional programs such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Forestry, and Law. Supportive faculty, built in VIU advising supports, and learning with other first year science students with similar interests are all great ingredients for success. Learning communities provide academic momentum by connecting students with peers, making the first-year curriculum more coherent, and creating a more integrated intellectual experience. 

  • Share courses with the same classmates, create connections as you learn together and experience a vibrant social and student life
  • Common readings and assignments as you share the same workload
  • Provides opportunities to form study groups
  • Additional VIU advising supports
  • Teaching and mentorship from passionate VIU faculty