Beach seine

Englishman River Spawning Coho Project

The Englishman River originates on the slopes of Mt Arrowsmith for approximately 40 km in an easterly direction before entering into the Strait of Georgia near Parksville, BC. The river supports all species of salmon and trout and is considered as one of the most valuable but also most endangered rivers in the province. The anadramous section extends up to Englishman River Falls about 16km from the mouth.

The CW Young Channel is located in the Englishman River Regional Park on the north side of the river about 6 km from the mouth. It was constructed in the 1990's and lengthened in 2007 to provide salmonid spawning and rearing habitat, particularly for coho salmon. The side channel is approx 4.1 km in length and there is a salmon hatchery near the upstream end.

Students will work in pairs to conduct weekly walks of the channel to count adult coho salmon spawners (and chum if present).

Students must record:

  • weather
  • water clarity
  • number of live coho observed (and chum if present)
  • location of observation and habitat type used
  • fish behaviour
  • number and location of carcasses
  • sex and length of coho carcasses
  • number and location of redds observed
  • presence of other species